10 Dazzling Decoration Ideas For Diwali This Year

Diwali is a time for cleaning, rearranging and ushering in the new into your home. It is also a festival when you decorate your home to add to the cheer. Have you tried these ideas?

Diwali is just around the corner and the air is already festive. Everywhere you look, you are greeted with pretty lights, lamps and beautiful rangoli. And your home is no exception. While the market is filled with myriad articles for Diwali decoration, there is a certain pride in creating your own and giving your home a touch of your personality. Of course, the admiration of guests is an added incentive to creating your own Diwali decorations -

10 Innovative Diwali Decoration Ideas

1. Lampshades
Everybody has lampshades, or kandils. But instead of buying a readymade one, mostly Chinese, why don’t you make your own? Use a small cardboard box or packing material to make your own unique lamp. Cut outs in interesting shapes with a bulb hanging inside look amazing. 

2. Rangoli
No Diwali decoration is complete without rangoli. Use either rangoli colours or leftover gulal from Holi. The design is as beautiful and unique as you make it. Add diyas, candles, flower petals, small lamps and even earthen pots to bring your rangoli to life. Also, check out 3 other unique rangoli designs to decorate your home this Diwali.

3. A chain of lights
Dazzle up any room with a chain of lights. Instead of just putting up a string, get innovative with a chain of bulbs. Cover the bulbs with colourful cellophane paper, or use paper cups or egg carton cut-outs to add a touch of your own. Cut these into desired shapes and attach them to individual bulbs.

4. Toran
Forget those cheap plastic torans or fresh flowers that don’t look fresh a day later. Instead, fashion a toran out of old greeting cards, or beads and broken necklaces, or plain old cardboard cut into interesting shapes. Add some glitter and your entrance will look wonderful.

5. Diyas and candles

Diyas for Diwali

Brighten up simple diyas and candles with colours and glitter. You can get more creative by making diyas out of flour dough, egg shells, seashells or even fruits peels. Add some glitter, stick on some sequins, pour in melted wax and add a wick. If you want a scented candle, simply tie some cinnamon sticks to a candle and fill the room with a sweet aroma.

6. Wall hangings

Create your own wall decoration using old CDs, newspapers, cardboard and pieces of cloth. Festoon the wall hanging with a string of lights and presto, you have a showstopper. Fashion a chain of sea shells and lights, and string them along the wall.

7. Glass bottle lights

Look around your kitchen and you’re bound to find unused, empty glass bottles. Cover with bright cellophane paper or use colouring putty to create designs and give each bottle a new look. Place a candle or light strings inside to immediately brighten your room.

8. Floating candles
Diwali Decoration Idea 3

This is a simple way to bring old-world charm into any room. Fill a glass bowl with water and float tea-lights in it. Add flowers, colours or even coffee beans to create a unique decoration.

9. Plastic bottle lamp
That empty 500ml plastic bottle that you’ve been thinking of recycling? This is the time. Cut the bottle in half, and fashion a flower out of the top by cutting it in long strips. Use glitter on the strips to create petals and place a candle in the centre to have your own glowing flower.

10. Don’t forget the aroma
There’s a Diwali smell that is made of winter and fireworks and sweets. Add a hint of something special with flower decoration or strategically-placed potpourri.

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Make it an eco-friendly Diwali this year. Recycle and reuse, and make your own Diwali decorations at home without losing the festive spirit.

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