Tips for Watering Your Summer Garden

Tips for Watering Your Summer Garden

Keep your summer garden green for less green with these quick, easy tips.

You worked hard to turn April showers into May flowers, so why let your blooms wilt in dry July? Make the most of your gardening efforts with these time and cost-efficient watering tips that will quench your plants’ thirst during the hot sunny months and help keep your garden healthy all summer long.

Gorgeous Gardens
Regular watering can keep a garden looking fresh in the summer, but it can be a costly and lengthy task. Luckily, with these simple garden how to's, you can conserve water, save time and still keep your garden looking great.

Water Less Often

  • That’s right, not only will it save you time and water, but it can be better for your plants too. For most fruits and vegetables, thoroughly soak the soil, with about a half an inch of water every three or four days. This minimizes the water lost to evaporation and encourages roots to reach further into the ground to absorb extra moisture, making them deeper, stronger and less vulnerable to drying out.
  • Water early in the day, to give plants more time to absorb water before the midday sun dries the soil. If possible, avoid watering in the evening because plants that are damp overnight can be more vulnerable to slugs and fungus.
  • Go straight to the roots, and save water with a simple drip irrigation system, which is essentially a hose full of tiny holes that delivers moisture to your plants at a slow and steady rate, giving roots time to absorb more water. Some systems can be set to run on an automated timer, which makes them almost effortless.
  • Mulch conserves water and can be a real lifesaver for plants. A three-inch layer will act like a protective coating over the ground, holding in moisture longer so you won’t need to water as often.

Perfect Potted Plants
Remember: gardens aren’t just in the ground. Keep your potted plants growing green this summer with these garden how to tips for watering both indoor and outdoor container plants.

A Good Balance
Plants in containers can dry out quickly, but it’s also easy to over water. For a healthy houseplant, water whenever the topsoil feels dry and choose a pot with holes in the bottom to allow the excess liquid to drain out.

Bottoms Up
Plants absorb water most efficiently through their roots. For best results, place a potted plant with a drainage hole in the bottom inside a larger pot partially filled with water. That way, the liquid from the larger pot will slowly soak up through the soil of the smaller one, watering the roots from the bottom up.

Add Some Moss
Hanging baskets look lovely, but they can dry out quickly. Try lining yours with


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Sphagnum moss to keep the water in. It’s available at most garden stores and it can look beautiful draping down from a wire basket.

Sweet Succulents
Succulents are plants that store water in their leaves, stems and roots, making them a perfect, water-saving summer plant. Many are known for their exotic leaves and brilliant colors, so they can be an exciting addition to your home or garden. Here are three popular types that are beautiful, low-maintenance and can be grown indoors or out:

Cacti is the most popular succulents and for good reason. There are hundreds of varieties in different sizes and colors, and many produce stunning flowers. They require little water, love sunlight and respond well to potting. Some varieties are hardier than others, so be sure to choose a cactus that adapts well to the temperatures in your area.

With its dramatic red, coral, yellow or orange tubular flowers is one of the most gorgeous succulents. It’s low maintenance and grows well in containers, making it a perfect addition to your home or garden. There are over 450 species of aloe, and some, such as aloe vera, possess medicinal value.

Known for its beautiful flowers and spiky leaves that resemble the top of a pineapple, yucca is found all across North America, from the Caribbean to Canada. Yuccas love bright sunlight and dry weather, making them an ideal summer plant, and with over 50 different species, ranging in size from small ground rosettes to full-size trees, there is sure to be one that is right for your garden.

Plant your favorite sweet succulent or incorporate these easy tips into your watering routine. Either way, you’ll save time, conserve water and help make your garden a lush, green haven for your family all summer long.

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