The Best Way To Get Clean Windows

The Best Way To Get Clean Windows

With spring cleaning approaching, are you dreading the dirty job of washing every window inside and out, especially multiple small panes? With the right toolkit and DIY formula, you’ll be surprised by how easy, quick and hassle-free this chore can be.

DIY window solution
Step 1: Start with making a batch of cleaning solution.
The recipe: one part white vinegar to one part warm water, poured into a spray bottle.
Some suggest diluting the vinegar more. Test it and see. If you don’t like the vinegary smell, add a squeeze of lemon. Note: If there’s a waxy residue from previously using store-bought products, add half a spoonful of liquid dish soap.

Tip: Don’t clean in direct sunlight. An overcast cloudy day is preferable so the solution doesn’t dry too fast.

Clean and dry method
Step 2: Spray the DIY solution. Cleaning and drying are actually the same process. But instead of wasting paper towels which streak, crumple up old newspapers to clean and dry windows. Paper also leaves an invisible film that resists dirt accumulation. (Newer newsprint can mark windows because the ink is not set yet.) Wear rubber gloves to protect your hands from inky smudges.
For especially dirty windows, use a sea sponge and a bucket. Clean from the top down to avoid drips and mop up solution from the window frame to avoid damaging wood.
Some like chamois or microfiber cloths to polish glass dry. Just be sure the cloth is lintfree.

Tip: On inside panes, wipe windows dry with horizontal strokes. On outside panes, use vertical movements. Why? If there are streaks, you will know which side to redo!

Exterior window cleanup, more than just glass
Step 3: For the outdoor side of windows, attach a spray bottle (used for fertilizer or insecticides) to the hose nozzle and fill with your DIY solution to apply cleaning solution.


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For hard-to-reach windows, use a squeegee with extension poles to dry windows. Moisten it first and clean it dry often with a towel.
Remove windscreens and rub gently, hosing down to clean. Clean the window sill and outer frame with a sponge and rinse with the garden hose. Dry with an old t-shirt or diaper.

Tough corners can be cleaned with a soft toothbrush. To eliminate hard water spots, use full-strength white vinegar or alcohol. If you find a tiny scratch, polish the area with toothpaste.

There may be more details to cleaning windows than you expected. But following these tips will save time and pay off. Remove winter’s stuffiness with the fresh scent of clean windows and enjoy a pretty view of spring’s blooms.

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