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How to light up your garden terrace

Hot summer days mean long summer nights in the garden. But not if it's dark. Illuminate your terrace with some funky, free-standing bamboo stick lights.

Brighten Up Your Graden After Sunset
How not to:You can't always rely on the moonlight to brighten up your garden after sunset.Bamboo Light Stand
Plan: To make your bamboo light stand, you will need:

  • some bamboo sticks
  • a small sharp knife
  • some multi-coloured lights (e.g. festoon or fairy lights)
  • a zinc bucket
  • some blue coloured sand

Cut Notch Into Bamboo Sticks
Step one: Cut a 5cm notch into the bamboo sticks.Weave The Cord
Step two: Weave the light cord through the bamboo notch and wrap around the stick.Put Some Blue Sand
Step three: Put some blue sand (you can either buy it blue or dye it with food colouring) into a zinc bucket and then place the bamboo stick, making sure it is secure.Funky Lighting
After: And that's how you get funky lighting for your summer garden.

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