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Gardening for kids

Use your own garden as an excuse to spend time with your family and you can all get some exercise while having fun.

Planting tips and ideas

• Choose bedding plants that will look promising as soon as they go in the ground. Pansies, geraniums and primroses are usually safe bets with pretty results.

• Keep mess under control by getting your child to plant flowers in pots that can sit outside but don’t require lots of digging.

•If your child wants to plant something from seed, keep up their interest by taking regular photos to chart their bloom’s progress as the weeks go by.

Gardening in small outside spaces

•If you don’t have a big garden space, try window sill pots (herbs and small tomatoes your child can then help you cook with when they’re ready).

•Ask a neighbor or elderly relative if you can help look after their garden. It’s still great fun and will bring great pleasure to someone else.

• Find a local community gardening project is there is one in your neighborhood. You can learn a lot from other gardeners’ style of garden design while you’re all joining in.

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There are lots of fun ways you can spend time in the garden together. Check out our Gardening projects for kids.?Pass it on – 3 amazing gardening facts for kids

Encourage your child’s enthusiasm for gardening with a few fascinating details. • Give kids a magnifying glass and let them discover that worms have bristles!

• Show them how some flowers are pale and smell more appealing in the evening so that moths not butterflies will be attracted to them for pollination.

• A caterpillar has 4000 muscles!

* Remove tough gardening stains from your clothes by using a trusted brand like Ariel detergent for washing.

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your own garden is really heaven now a days in cities and metros. you can take all the pleasure of park,open air exercises relaxation and fun with family and kids. you can invite your near and dears and enjoy a stress free life. gradually you and your family will be on path of better health and well being..

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