10 Kitchen Gardens You Can Rustle Up All By Yourself.

Learn How To Make Your Own Kitchen Garden

When it comes to using vegetables and herbs in cooking, the fresher they are the tastier and healthier the food. Which is why having your own kitchen garden is a good and convenient option.

There is no denying the fact that the best tasting veggies always come from your own garden. Right from tomatoes and lemons to chillies and herbs, there’s something tasty, healthy, and also therapeutic, about having a kitchen garden. However, if you have the will but don’t quite know the way, namely, how to make kitchen garden, don’t worry. In this article, we are sharing with you, 10 of the best kitchen garden ideas around:

1. The Container Garden

If you’re doing this for the first time, this garden is your best bet. It’s also ideal if space is a constraint. With container gardens, the only real restriction is that the roots of the plants don’t have much space to grow; pick a container that’s deep and wide.

2. In-ground Garden

As the name suggests, this garden can be grown in the ground near home. Not only is it effective, it’s economical too. All you’ll really need to get started are a hand tiller, some seeds, and compost. Get these and get to work on growing your kitchen garden plants.

3. Raised-Bed Garden

If you have a larger space for your garden and are willing to experiment with it a bit, this one’s perfect for you. If your soil isn’t very fertile this is a great alternative to planting directly in-ground.

4.  Window Box Garden

This is, by far, one the most effective yet economically viable ways to have your own kitchen garden. All you really need is a wooden box, some soil and seeds. This garden is best suited to growing herbs.

5. Recycled Bottle Garden

This is a garden that’s good for the environment too. Use recycled wine bottles to grow your plants using a hydroponic system. This way, you don’t ever have to worry about using soil and getting dirty.


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6. Tea Tin Herb Garden

Have extra tins or jars at home? Great! You can use them as pots to grow your veggies. Make sure you add drainage holes, and if you can’t, at least put rocks in the bottom.

7. Vertical Garden

Vertical gardens are a great way to utilize space on your wall. Plant the herbs or veggies that are thirstier than the others closer to the bottom; this way water from the others will trickle down to them.

8. Window Sill Planter

Not only are these great design elements to add to your windows, but these planters are made such that they hang outside your windows. This way your plants get plenty of sunlight. What’s more, you can just open your window and reach for the veggies you want.

9. Mini-Kitchen Herb Garden

Buy freshly cut herbs from the grocery store and then store them in glass bottles of water. It’s that simple.

10. Wooden Basket

Another pretty yet effective kitchen garden is the wooden basket. If you’re going to plant a variety of herbs or veggies in this garden, ensure that all of them need similar amounts of sun and water.

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