how to make healthy bbq sea bass

If you are trying to find your next supper think fish and healthy recipes instead of the usual meat dishes. Try this BBQ sea-bass recipe from Enviedeplus.

Ingredients (serves 4 people)

  • 1. 4 sea bass fillets

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  1. 1. Stay away from those big juicy steaks if you don’t want a big juicy belly.

  2. 2. To make BBQ sea bass parcels for four, you will need:

  3. 3. Chop the herbs and slice the lemon. Top and tail the green beans before steaming for a couple of minutes, until ‘al dente'. They should still be crisp when finished.

  4. 4. Take some parchment baking paper and place a single fillet on each sheet. Sprinkle the fish with the fresh herbs, add a slice of lemon and then top with the cooked beans. Finish up by pouring 100ml of wine over each fillet. Close the parcels, securing each one with a cocktail stick and then barbeque for about eight minutes.

  5. 5. Serve the fish immediately in the paper – think of it as a posh, healthy version of fish and chips. But with summer vegetables instead of chips!

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