Spice Route: Marvellous mustard

Spice Route: Marvellous mustard

Mustard is a spice and condiment that we all know and love. Here is a way to spice up your mayonnaise.

Mustard (Sinapis hirta) is an annual that originated in the Mediterranean. It forms part of the large cabbage family. Two other plants from this family, Brassica nigra and Brassica juncea, are also used for mustard production. The plants produce yellow flowers followed by seedpods, each containing between five and seven seeds.

Mustard mayonnaise

Makes: 400 ml jar
Preparation time: 35 minutes


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Mustard mayonaise


  • 2 egg yolks
  • 3 ml salt
  • 10 ml mustard powder
  • 3 ml sugar
  • 20 ml white wine vinegar
  • 375 ml olive or salad oil
  • Salt and pepper
  1. In a medium-sized bowl, beat the egg yolks, salt, mustard powder, sugar and vinegar together. Beat well for about 2 minutes using an electric handheld beater.
  2. With the beater running add a few drops of the oil and beat until all the oil is emulsified into the mixture. Add another few drops and beat again. Add the oil in a thin stream while the beater is running.
  3. Beat and add the oil until the mixture is thick and creamy. Adjust the flavour by adding salt and pepper.
Note If the mayonnaise happens to split, it can still be salvaged! Beat another egg yolk in a medium bowl and add the split mixture 1 teaspoon at a time while beating continuously. Do so until all the split mixture is used up and is emulsified into the egg yolk.

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