Clever with cloves

Spice Route: Clever with cloves

Cloves are one of the more distinct spices – added to food they create depth and aroma

How to create loose waves

1. Protect. Spritz a
 protecting spray onto your hair before blow-drying to protect it from heat.

2. Blow. Blow-dry your 
hair with a
 paddle brush. 
 The nozzle of the hair-
dryer should face down-
wards so that the cuticle
 of the hair stays smooth, 
making your hair shiny.

Protect Your Hair - Reward Me Blow Your Hair - Reward Me 1. Protect 2. Blow

3. Wave. Create gentle 
waves with
 a large-
barrelled curling 
or styling iron. Wind
 hair around the barrel 
from the top to the 
bottom of the strand.

4. Pin. Slide out the curl
secure it with a clip. 
Don’t remove clips 
before your hair has
 cooled, as the waves 
will drop.


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Create Waves - Reward Me Pin Your Hair - Reward Me 3. Wave 4. Pin

5. Loosen. Remove clips and loosen 
with your 
fingers, not a brush. 
Smooth ends and
 define waves with
 serum. Hairspray holds 
the waves in place.

Loosen Your Hair 5. Loosen

Fast Fix
If your hair frizzes in winter, it’s time to turn down the heat. Regular use of hairdryers and heated styling tools removes moisture from your hair, causing it to frizz. So, turn down the heat to a cooler setting – and always apply a thermal protecting product before heat styling.

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Cloves are dried flower buds. Cloves are often used in treating toothache.

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