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Saving on Food

The supermarket is probably where a large slice of your family budget goes. Learn savings tips without sacrificing healthy meals.

We all know a couple of tricks that help us save some money and control our family food budget. For most families, after the cost of living, the supermarket is probably where most available income goes.

Is it possible to be able to save money in this area without sacrificing healthy and nutritious meals for everyone? I think so, and that is why I am making some simple suggestions that can help you control your supermarket budget a little:


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  • Plan your weekly meals to have at least one day with no meat or fish, in exchange for a vegetarian or egg meal.
  • Mix more expensive meals of fish or meat with rice, pasta or potatoes, with more economical meals with pasta and/or canned goods, such as cowpea salsa salad with tuna and boiled egg, or pasta with ham gratin and cream sauce.
  • Sunday night, for example, pick a lighter dinner with soup (which should also be served with every meal) and toast, bruschetta or even a homemade pizza.
  • Those meals referred to as "single pot only" meals are always cheaper that making meat or fish with accompaniment. If you are making beef for four, you will need at least 4 pieces of beef, one for each person, but if you make meat with rice and vegetables, the quantity of meat you use is always less and is complimented with the rice and veggies.
  • Begin every meal with vegetable soup. In addition to being more nutritious, it fills you more quickly and therefore you will eat less of your next helping.
  • Choose to buy fruit and vegetables in season, as they are normally cheaper.
  • Plan you weekly menu based on items on sale at the supermarket near you.
  • Do not waste food and use leftovers for new dishes - making quiche, fried food or anything else, mixing it in with a pasta... and that is how you make a new dish.
  • Whenever possible, exchange the more expensive brands for similar ones that are cheaper.
  • Make your own cakes, cookies, pies or rolls, rather than purchasing them at the supermarket. In addition to being less expensive, it is definitely tastier.

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