5 Tips To Make your Packed Lunch Pack a Punch!

Whether it’s a quick break from schoolwork or for picking up energy levels at Summer camp, nothing excites kids quite like a good pack lunch. So, how can you make sure your kids get what they need and what they love?

Berry nice

1. Nature has a way of packaging delicious treats all by itself, such as the Tigerine; a novel way to sneak vitamin C under your little one’s highly advanced anti-fruit radar. The little suckers will never see it coming! You could also add icing eyes to grapes or put in a pear with a little personality!

A bargaining chip

2. A pot of hummus is the perfect remedy for lunchtime hunger. Plus, it’s a great way to slip some tasty vegetables into their meals. Some carrots and celery sticks will help them dip in! You can also add enough for friends to try too; after all, sharing is caring!


3. There’s no denying it, most kids have a sweet tooth so why not add treats with a twist? For example, some gummy worms slithering around a fresh apple is the best of both worlds and will sweeten the deal.
While you’re at it, you might want to include their toothbrush and toothpaste!


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Food with flying colors

4. Kids love a yummy yogurt. Be a bright spark and make them more memorable by using natural coloring for a snack they won’t forget in a hurry….. It does take a little while to come off the tongue!

Pen pals

5. After we’ve made our packed lunch strike the right note, why not add a real one? Nothing will bring a smile quite like a personalized message from mum. But get creative! Write a joke on their juice box, a poem along a banana or leave a portrait by their pudding!

(If the packed lunch ends up really making a mark, let Tide handle it…)

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