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How to make homemade ice-lollies

As far as summer desserts go, ice-lollies are criminally underrated. While more decadent ice cream tends to get all the attention, what’s not to like about the healthy refreshment of frozen fruit juice? If you are searching for a low calorie dessert that is high in taste, look no further than these two recipes for homemade ice-lollies.

Plan: To make six of your own homemade ice-lollies, you will need (mango & orange flavour): 1 mango; 200ml orange juice (unsweetened or freshly squeezed); 1 banana; 2 tbsp runny honey. (Strawberry & banana flavour): 2 bananas; 300g strawberries; 8 fresh mint leaves; 100ml water; sweetener (like Canderel), to taste. You will also need ice-lolly sticks; clothes pegs (to keep the sticks in place); small serving glasses.

Step one: Blend the ingredients until you have a smooth puree.


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Step two: Pour the puree into ice cream moulds or small glasses. Put in the ice-lolly sticks and hold them in place with clothes pegs by clipping the stick and propping up the peg against the edge of the glass. Put in the freezer for a few hours. Once fully set, they’re ready to eat.

Close: If using glass, surround them with lukewarm water to remove. Be careful that the water isn’t too hot otherwise the glass will crack. And be adventurous! Use this recipe as a basis to experiment with different fruit and flavour combinations.

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wow very nice and easy to make recipe, and healthy too.

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