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How to decorate magic wand biscuits

Alongside cake, burgers and fizzy pop, biscuits are a birthday party staple. Why not make, bake and decorate your own? We have a really magical recipe for you…

INGRÉDIENTS (pour 4 gourmands)

1. Chocolate dip

Some chocolate

2. Glazed stardust

250g icing sugar
A few spoonfuls of water
A squeeze of fresh lemon (to taste)


1. Store-bought biscuits are rarely as nice as homemade ones – especially when they
are plain and boring.

Step 1 @ Reward Me

2. To decorate your own magic star biscuits, you should follow your favourite biscuit
recipe. Alongside the usual milk, butter, sugar and flour, you can add some vanilla
essence or cinnamon for a bit of a kick, or leave them plain if you want the flavour to
come from the chocolate icing. And to make these twinkly biscuits you will need to do a
bit of pre-cooking preparation.

3. Firstly, use a star-shaped cookie cutter to make sure your biscuits are the right shape.
Then, to make sure you can stick them on a ‘magic wand’ (also known as a straw)
later, you will need to stick the biscuits on a skewer before you start baking. Once
cooked, let them cool down before you start decorating.


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Step 2 @ Reward Me

4. Chocolate dip: Melt some chocolate in a bain-marie. As soon as the chocolate has
melted, carefully scoop up a small amount with a spoon and dribble thin lines of
chocolate all over the stars.

Step 3 & 4 @ Reward Me

5. Glazed stardust: You can also glaze the biscuits with lemon icing. To prepare the icing
mixture, mix 250 g of icing sugar with just a few spoonfuls of water and a squeeze of
fresh lemon (to taste). Cover the biscuits with the glaze followed by some sprinkles
and then allow to set.

Step 5 @ Reward Me

6. Win top tips for presentation by creating a birthday cookie crown. You can do this by
making a paper crown and by attaching the biscuits by looping some string or ribbon
through the biscuits and onto the crown.

Step 6 @ Reward Me

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