Top 5 Family Party Preparation Tips & Tricks

Way back in the years B.C. (Before Children) your parents hosted family holidays. Now with kids of your own, you’re in charge!
For Anuja Ghimire, a mother of two, there was no choice but to dive in. “Because my family lives in Nepal and my husband and I live in Texas,” she says, “Family gatherings are that much more important to us.”
And because keeping traditions is important to us moms, Anuja offers these four great tips for making parties easy, memorable and fun.

1. Cook and prep beforehand

“Everything’s done by the time guests arrive,” she says. “I’d rather be talking to my friends than in the kitchen cooking.”

The party plan:

- Shop the week before
- Prep the food the day before
- Cook your dishes the morning of the party

2. Fast cleanup

“I like cooking but I hate cleanup,” Anuja confesses. She prefers disposable plates and napkins to china and stations pretty, pop-up trashcans in convenient locations around the house so guests can easily bus their plates themselves.

- Convenient pop-up trashcans
- Disposable plates and napkins

To keep it green, choose compostable paper goods that are easy on Mother Earth. Have a separate trash bin for recycling cans and bottles.

3. Serve good food

“If people enjoy the food they care less about other mishaps,” Anuja says. The best dinner has something for everyone:


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- A meat dish
- A vegetarian dish
- Fruit platters
- Finger food, like cupcakes for the kids

Anuja is a vegetarian and prepares the meatless dishes while her husband often cooks up his specialty: lamb curry. “I’m lucky,” she confesses. “My husband likes to cook!”

4. Get the family involved

Anuja makes party prep a family affair. “I want my kids to take away the message that it’s good to celebrate holidays with people to show that you care about others.”

Encourage your children to:

- Set the table
- Pass out party favors
- Entertain the guests

“My girls love to sing,” laughs Anuja. “We don’t need cable with them around.”

Family time is important

“As the kids get older, I feel a responsibility to teach them why we do what we do,” Anuja says. “I enjoy that responsibility–I signed up for it voluntarily!”

With good food, a helpful hubby and two entertaining girls, Anuja’s family traditions will carry on in Texas. Read how to host the perfect party here.

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