How I Get My Kids To Eat Their Vegetables

It's an unfortunate fact of life: Kids just don't like their vegetables. It doesn't have to be that way! We've gathered some of the best tricks to get kids excited about veggies. Use these 7 tips to have your children eating - and enjoying - their vegetables in no time!

If you’re struggling to get veggies in your kids’ diets, try some of these tips!

  1. Don’t Make it a Big Deal
    A big mistake parents often make when trying to feed their children vegetables is making it an event. Telling your child she can’t leave the dinner table until all of her broccoli is gone is a no-no; it can make your kid avoid the veggie even more. Encouraging them to try is the important part!
  2. Introduce Veggies Early On
    As soon as your baby can handle veggies that aren’t baby food, put them on their plate! If kids learn to like vegetables at a young age, they are less likely to look at them with confusion when they are older. Making veggies that they enjoy a normal part of their diet is key.
  3. It’s Okay to Sneak
    If your kids love banana smoothies, throw some kale in there! Spinach is another veggie that is super easy to blend into smoothies.
    Tip: If your family juices, throw some carrots in the juicer with apples.
  4. Plan Dinners
    As a parent, it’s your job to be prepared to serve a variety of meals to your children. Don’t switch off between two meals just because your kids like them. Trying new foods outside of the vegetable realm will make your kids more likely to embrace veggies, too.
  5. Try Dipping
    A lot of kids claim to hate carrots. But once dipped in something savory, they become a favorite snack! Try dips like hummus, light ranch dressing, and spinach dips to spice up plain veggies.
  6. Get Kids in the Kitchen
    Kids like to be involved with food prep. If they are a part of the meal from start to finish, they are more likely to want to eat it. Just by knowing that they put the veggies on the plate makes them more inclined to try them.
  7. Add Veggies to Favorite Foods
    If your kids love pizza, encourage them to experiment with toppings! Showing how much you love mushrooms on your pizza may make them want to top theirs with green peppers, you never know. Set out bowls of different veggies when making a pizza together and see what creations you can make.

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