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Halloween Treats for Kids: Icky Monster Apple Mouths

Want to make some spooky treats for Halloween? If you’re a busy mother, try these fast and easy recipes. They’ll make the occasion horrifyingly special for your kids. Apples are a healthy Halloween alternative. Make them frightening by cutting them into monster mouths.

Ingredients (serves 1 people)

1. 1 large apple of your choice
2. creamy peanut butter or red-colored jam
3. mini marshmallows or slivered almonds


1. Core apple, then cut into quarters. On the skin side, slice out a small wedge to create the mouth. Dry inside apple flesh by blotting with a paper towel. Spread with peanut butter.
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2. Cut mini marshmallows in half. Place over peanut butter to make the teeth.
3. For variation, add red jam instead of peanut butter. Let it ooze out a little so it looks like blood. Instead of marshmallows, insert slivered almonds on both sides of apple opening to make craggy teeth.
4. Let’s face it. Kids love Halloween candy. You can mix up their experience by making your own sweet treats. These recipes are easy enough for kids to help out. Preparing yummy things together is great for family time and is scary good fun.
5. 3 other sweet and sinister
    treats Crispy Rice Ghosts Green Goo Parfait
6. Witches Hat


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