Fun And Easy Lunchbox Meals For Kids

Fun And Easy Lunchbox Meals For Kids

Apart from a full time job, most of us have to handle parenting – another full time job! With a little bit of advance planning, you can still keep an eye on your kids’ nutritional needs.

If you are a busy mom with an even busier schedule and picky kids, packing a nutritious lunch can be challenging. But this doesn’t mean that the lunch box recipes can’t be fun. Organise a week’s menu in advance and shop for the ingredients accordingly so that there are no last minute surprises.

Here are some yummy, nutritious ideas: 

Food groups: Bento boxes are a good way to pack for kids. Use each little box to include protein, some fruits and vegetables, yoghurt and whole grains into the meal.  Not only will your kids get all the nutrition they need, they are more likely to lick the box clean.

Portion sizes:  You can control how much they eat in one sitting.  Children need anywhere between 1400 to 2200 calories a day. They should get at least a 1/3 of these at lunch.  Rice, dal and veggies will meet their calorie needs.  Include some fruit and cheese to round off their meals. 

Innovative leftovers:  Kids these days like variety – so if you have leftover pizza, why not pack a slice for lunch? Make it a healthy meal by adding some veggies and cut up fruit and include. Offer them sandwiches or wraps made with leftover kheema or vegetables. Pack a little extra so they can share their lunch with friends too.


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Back-up plans: Think of what kinds of foods your children like to eat. Lunch box recipes can include snacks like upma and veggies, parathas and dahi, mini idlis and chutney etc. Toss in some nuts or cheese and crackers to make a meal more enjoyable.  Lunch box meals needn’t be very elaborate – just make sure to include every food group as far as possible.  You could even include soup in the winter.

Food packaging:  Buy a small thermos flask so that you can send the occasional milkshake or soup. Having a stock of plastic containers with insulated packs will make life easy in the morning. Sandwiches and rolls can be wrapped in foil for easy, mess free eating. It also helps with time and reduces the chance of kids forgetting lunch bags in school.

Recipe lists:  When you have some free time, look up some easy recipes or exchange ideas with other moms.  Make some chutneys a couple of days in advance so that you can use them as spreads for sandwiches. Hard boiled eggs, chaklis, veggies and cheese cubes are all great additions to the main meal.  You could even send paneer and vegetable skewers.

Making it fun:  Let the kids help on the weekend to pack their lunch for Monday.  This way, they will eat what is in their box. Put funny messages for them in their boxes occasionally so that they have good childhood memories.

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