Dahi Baingan recipe, eggplants Indian style

Dahi Baingan recipe, eggplants Indian style

It is a masterpiece with a light yogurt-based soup that thoroughly soaks into golden brown cooked eggplants, bringing out the chemistry of both ingredients. When eaten together with a food like curry, its appeal shines even brighter.

Ingredients (serves 4 people)

1. 350 ml of sugar-free yogurt
2. 20 g of sugar
3. 6 g of salt and pepper
4. 4 eggplants
5. 10 g of mustard seeds
6. 1 green or red chili pepper
7. Coriander
8. Cooking oil



Add 350 milliliters of sugar-free yogurt, 20 grams of sugar, 4-6 grams each of salt and
pepper, and 80 milliliters of water to a bowl. Mix them together to make the soup.


Cut each of the eggplants in half, make a roughly 1 centimeter wide cut in each, then
after dipping them in water, thoroughly drain out the water.


Apply cooking oil to a heated frying pan and cook the eggplants over medium heat until
the ingredients turn a golden color, then remove them and thoroughly drain the oil.

Add the eggplants to the yogurt soup and steep for about 15 minutes, thoroughly

Reheat the frying pan and apply new cooking oil, then stir-fry 10 grams of mustard
seeds and 1 green or red chili pepper. Once the mustard seeds begin to crackle, turn
off the heat.


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10. Add stir-fried mustard and pepper to the eggplants steeped in yogurt soup, then, after lightly mixing, set it on a plate. Dress the top with a finely chopped coriander leaf and the dish is ready to be served. If you don’t like coriander, parsley or carrots can be used instead.

11. Did you know that it's customary in India to eat yogurt every day? It is, of course, an essential ingredient in most mothers' cooking. Sugar-free liquid yogurt is the kind used by most mothers, going well with the oriental flavors possessed by herbs such as coriander, and the compatibility it has with vegetables is first-class.

12. By adding plenty of sugar and sweet fruits, it can become part of a menu popular among small children. And, with the nutrition essential for children's growth being plentily found in both yogurt and vegetables, it is truly part of a mother’s menu.

13. Here let's take a look at a recipe for a home cooked dish representative of Eastern India called "Dahi Baigan" that is popular among children for its sweet flavor and ease in eating.

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