4 Healthy Food Options for Rainy Season Suggested by Reward Me

Rainy days don’t have to be gloomy and dull – in fact, they often provide a great excuse for indulging in your favourite comfort food, the sort of dishes your mum used to make.

Ask anybody – even professional chefs – what they love to eat the most, and chances are warm, soft dishes that mum used to make will come up. After all, who doesn’t remember the comforting familiarity of the foods our mothers used to make when we were ill or stuck inside the house on a cold, rainy day?

Think about the hearty foods that you remember eating as a child. Fortunately, many such dishes are not only delicious, they’re also considered healthy foods, and – as generations of mothers know – easy to make for the whole family.

Nutritious, easy recipes

Whether you’re looking to provide a healthy snack, or a dinnertime meal, soups are a great and easy way to fill the bellies of the entire family. When it's a bit chilly outside, a hearty beef stew warms you up from within, in addition to being packed with fibre, beta-carotene, and vitamin A.

1. Chicken noodle Soup

Chicken noodle soup is a timeless classic that’s a cure-all for many people, and is also scientifically proven to be beneficial for one’s immune system. Making one pot of soup for the entire family to share is not only easy to prepare, but it also saves you the effort of cooking other side dishes.

2. Oatmeal


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Oatmeal is another guilt-free dish that can give you a warm, fuzzy feeling when it's cold and rainy outside. A bowl of oatmeal contains a wealth of goodness, including lots of fibre, protein, iron, complex carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

3. Congee

Congee, a velvety rice porridge, is a similarly soothing dish. Chinese doctors have been touting its health benefits from as early as the third century, with some even suggesting that eating congee can make one a “divine immortal”. Both oatmeal and congee involve little more than boiling grains in water, which make them the most effortless, yet deliciously wholesome dishes to whip up.

4. Shepherd’s Pie

If all else fails, who can say no to pie? Shepherd's pie is not only incredibly hearty and rich in flavour, but as the chopped carrot, celery, and onion blend easily into the mince, it can also be a great way to cook for children who aren't particularly keen on vegetables. Add parsnips to the base or swap the regular potatoes for sweet potatoes, and you can serve up a healthy dish that's rich in vitamins, as well as dietary fibre, calcium and iron. Like soups, pie is also a one-dish meal that can feed everyone at home.

Keep all of your recipes together and hand down your collection of healthy, homemade comfort foods to the next generation.

The next time dark clouds are looming threateningly outside your window, use the opportunity to create wonderful memories of food for your family. Give the kids a reason to feel nostalgic down the road when they are parents themselves.

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