Enjoy Tasty Cholesterol-friendly Snacks this Diwali

Enjoy Tasty Cholesterol-friendly Snacks this Diwali

If your cholesterol readings are on the high side, don’t worry! A low cholesterol diet needn’t be boring.

All of us love food and hate to go on a diet.  If your cholesterol and blood pressure are slightly high, you can still have tasty options.  The key to keeping blood sugar normal and metabolism high is to snack between meals.  There are several healthy snacks that can help to lower cholesterol.  It’s just a matter of making choices.  Make sure every bite counts. 

Some cholesterol-friendly snacks you can munch on:

Popcorn: Who would have thought popcorn would be on the list? Corn is considered a whole grain and has a lot of fibre.  You can eat a small bowl of air or kettle popped corn.   For flavour, use a bit of olive oil or a light sprinkling of low fat cheese.

Nuts: Nuts like almonds and walnuts are healthy options too.  Since they are high in calories, eat just a fistful.

Veggies: Eat veggies like cucumbers, carrots and celery.  These are healthy snacks which are high in fibre, low in calories and sodium.  Make some homemade dip with beans so that you can get protein along with a serving of vegetables.

Potato chips: Thought your favourite vegetable was off limits?  Potatoes have potassium which is great for keeping blood pressure in check.  But the salty, branded ones available in the market are a no-no.  Bake potatoes and enjoy a guilt-free snack. 

Fruits:  Chocolate covered strawberries sound like a fun snack?  You can get your fix of chocolate and fruit in one go.  Fruits do satisfy a sweet tooth and also have enough fibre to fill you up.


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Smoothies: Make a healthy snack out of fruit and low-fat milk.  You can add ground flaxseeds for omega 3 fatty acids. Make up your own smoothie recipes and get your fill of fibre and calcium in one meal.

Oatmeal:  Who would ever think of oatmeal as a snack?  Add fruit and even spices like cinnamon to turn it into a dessert.  Oatmeal has soluble fibre which binds to cholesterol and gets it out of the 

Breadfruit/Avocados: This wonderful fruit makes for a really healthy snack. Pair it up with spinach and tomatoes, boiled eggs, cheese and get a really filling snack that tastes good too.

Other ways to cut cholesterol:

  • What you eat, how and when you eat play an important role in your overall health.  Small changes make a big difference.
  • Cutting back on saturated fats and red meats will help lower cholesterol. 
  • Hit the gym regularly so that your good cholesterol numbers get better.  Losing weight works when you change the way you eat and get regular exercise.

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