Helps Kids Make a Pizza at Reward Me

Balanced Lunchbox Ideas for School -Mini Pizza Thursday

The lunchbox version of almost every child’s favourite food! Crackers, small bread toasts, flatbreads or baby pitas are possible choices for pizzas to fit little hands. You could even involve your children to assemble ingredients and let them make some choices. Add a variety of colourful vegetables and fruits for a wholesome meal. Don’t forget to include an element of fun!

Ingredients (serves 4 people)

1. 5 or more salami or sausage slices
2. 30g sliced cheese
3. Slivered red or orange peppers, gherkins, plum tomatoes, olives
4. Flatbread, crackers or toast rounds


1. Make a variety of tiny pizzas on crackers or flatbreads

2. Slice salami or sausage for the first layer

3. Add a slice of cheese cut with cookie cutters into shapes like stars, hearts and flowers

4. Decorate with an assortment of veggie ingredients

5. Keep the fun going with a Mediterranean Monday lunchbox


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