Create Authenthic Asian Desserts At Your Home With These Recipes

For a delicious end to any meal – and a healthy fruit fix – try preparing these authentic Asian desserts. They are so quick and easy to make you can get your kids to help.

When the sun’s shining, it’s hard to contemplate spending your time whisking, beating and baking – thankfully, these Asian desserts offer a light and refreshing alternative to heavier after-dinner options.

A balance of flavours

Typically, many savoury Asian dishes display a range of spicy, salty and sour characteristics, which is why when it comes to dessert it’s important to introduce cooler, sweeter and more refreshing flavours to the meal.

Rather than a dense cake or rich pudding, Asian desserts are designed to be perfect palate cleansers, so it’s worth adding a few to your repertoire to leave dinner party guests feeling light and not lethargic.

Local ingredients shine

Due to a strong emphasis on seasonal produce, many Asian desserts feature delicious local ingredients such as banana, mango and coconut.

The inclusion of fresh fruit not only imparts a sweetness and lightness to the dish, it means you can end the meal on a healthy note and ensure your children are getting a vitamin-packed treat.

Healthy substitutes

Sticky rice drenched in coconut milk and brown sugar (for caramelising fruit) feature in a lot of Asian desserts, so to keep things light why not experiment with reducing the quantity of these naughty but nice ingredients? Try substituting coconut cream with coconut water or serving low-fat yoghurt instead of sticky rice.

Three Asian sweet treats to try at home


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If you are feeling inspired it’s easy to create a few Asian desserts at home. Due to the ease of preparation and minimal amount of cooking involved, these are fun recipes to make with your children.

Thailand: mango and sticky rice

This dessert is super-simple – you just need to remember to leave the sticky rice to soak the day before you plan to serve it. Once you have drained and steamed the rice with coconut milk, simply slice and cube a ripe mango and pour over coconut cream and toasted sesame seeds. If mangoes aren’t in season, use sliced bananas instead.

Korea: watermelon and mint floats

Summer in Seoul is scorching hot, so the locals keep cool with this refreshing fruit-filled soft drink that’s sold by street vendors across the city. Simply whizz chunks of deseeded watermelon and a few sprigs of fresh mint together in a blender. Pour over ice – or vanilla ice cream for an extra treat – and serve.

Indonesia: bananas with cinnamon and coconut sauce

Peel and cut the bananas into quarters, and place them in a covered steamer over a pan of boiling water. Bring coconut milk and coconut cream to the boil and stir in a generous pinch of cinnamon and sugar. Stir quickly to help the sauce thicken* before pouring over the bananas and serving.

When putting together an Asian menu, it’s all about achieving a balance of flavours. So remember, with a sweet and refreshing dessert you can bring the meal to a delicious close.

Tip: Use corn flour can help thicken the sauce.
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