After school treats

Learn What Kids Can Eat & Do After School

Small ways you can keep your kids happy and relaxed after long school days.

During school term-time, try these simple after-school ideas to help add a comforting welcome for your children when they get home.

Daily ideas

  • Kids are often hungry before dinner. Create easy, fun healthy snacks like fruit kebabs (pieces of grape, apple, strawberry etc on served on small sticks), or buy tubes of yoghurt or fromage frais and freeze these to make healthy lollies that aren’t as sugary as ice cream.
  • Set aside a specific time for homework and put a timer on – once the beeper goes, the kids can put away their work. Afterwards, as a reward they get to play or watch TV – the choice of activity is theirs.
  • Bubble bath and silly soaps can turn a daily chore like bathtime into something your kids look forward to. (Try candles for teens, too.)

Special treats

  • Make homemade lemonade or popcorn together after tea.
  • Take a break from homework and housework and play a game together.
  • Saturday morning cinema clubs are designed especially for families, with kids’ films and cheaper tickets as well as regular fun activities, which makes for a great family day out. Ask at your local cinema.

If you’re still at work…


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For times when teenagers get home before you do, keep a few easy after-school snacks within reach or at the front of the fridge for them. Show them how to make simple meals like scrambled egg if you feel they’re ready to cook.

If they have a friend who lives locally, suggest they take it in turns to go to each other’s house to do homework, and make home feel welcoming by having timer lights set to come on before they’re home.


Helen, Stratford-on-Avon
‘When I found out that it’s better if kids don’t use computers in their rooms, because of internet safety, I moved out an old armchair from our lounge and put a desk there. It’s tucked away enough that the boys feel it’s their space, but I can keep an eye on what they’re doing.’

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