A smoothie a day to keep the doctor away!

A smoothie a day to keep the doctor away!

Try this brilliantly easy way to add lots of nutritious fruit and vegetables to your diet with simple but delicious, healthy smoothies.

From breakfast to supper, a homemade smoothie can boost energy levels, keep you feeling fuller for longer and make it easy to digest all the natural vitamins, minerals and antioxidants you need. Preferable to fruit juices (they’re a better source of fiber), they even appeal to kids, who will happily drink up all kinds of fruit and veg whizzed up with yoghurt and honey!

Smoothie combinations

For each combination, simply peel or prepare the ingredients then blend together for a smooth, thick drink. If you can’t find some of the more exotic ingredients, don’t be put off, just give the recipes a go with what you have that tastes good!


1. ‘Cleansing’ smoothie

This smoothie can be enjoyed on a warm spring morning to rehydrate the body and flush out toxins.

• Combine watermelon or sweet melon, cucumber, grated ginger, mint, lemon rind and honey. As an optional extra you can add plain yoghurt for a creamier texture.

Tip: Melon is a very good diuretic. It also cleanses the lymphatic system, liver and kidneys. The cucumber contains a high amount of potassium, which helps the body to rehydrate.


2. ‘Post-workout’ smoothie

The tropical flavors in this smoothie make it particularly refreshing. It’s a good one to have after a workout because coconut water is rich in electrolytes and can help to replace lost fluids and minerals after exercising.

• Combine Coconut water, mango, banana, pineapple, granadilla (a member of the passion fruit family) and yoghurt. As an optional extra, add fresh turmeric or half a teaspoon of turmeric powder or ginger. These spices have anti-inflammatory properties and work well in mango and yoghurt-based smoothies.

Tip: Mango is a good source of beta-carotene, while the fiber in bananas will help the good bacteria in your gut to flourish. Bananas are also a source of tryptophan, which aids relaxation and sleep. Pineapple adds a lovely sweet flavor and assists digestion.


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3. ‘Speed-up digestion’ smoothie

If you frequently suffer from sluggish digestion, this fruity smoothie is for you. Papaya helps to cleanse the digestive tract and, thanks to the papain in the fruit, assists in the breakdown of food, particularly protein.

• Combine papaya, melon, sesame seeds or tahini paste, yoghurt or a milk alternative, honey and cinnamon.

Tip: Add a few papaya seeds to your smoothie as they’re great for digestion. The calcium rich tahini paste or sesame seeds add healthy fats.


4. ‘Boost immunity’ smoothie

Feeling a tad under the weather? Boost your immunity with this vitamin C-rich smoothie.

• Combine lemon juice, lemon, orange, honey, yoghurt, spinach, banana, guava and ginger.

Tip: lemons, guavas and oranges are all fantastic sources of immune-boosting vitamin C. The ginger in this smoothie is great for circulation and acts as an antiseptic, while the yoghurt is rich in probiotics (these healthy bacteria play a key immune boosting role).


Top tips to serve the perfect smoothie:

  1. Choose your ingredients based on what’s in season. Seasonal produce contains all the nutrients you need for the specific time of year.
  2. Go for pure, whole ingredients, e.g. fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds.
  3. Avoid using sweetened fruit juice, flavored yoghurt and ice cream as your base. Instead opt for 100% or freshly squeezed juice, medicinal teas, elixirs, aloe vera, pure spring water, coconut water, a milk alternative, or plain, unsweetened yoghurt.
  4. Sweeten your smoothies naturally with fruit. If necessary, you can add some honey, xylitol, stevia, fruit juice or dates, but ideally, get used to enjoying smoothies that aren’t so sweet.
  5. If you need extra sustenance add a complex carbohydrate (e.g. cooked quinoa or oats), a protein (e.g. egg, almond powder, chia or a good-quality protein powder such as brown rice protein, pea or whey isolate) and/or a fat (e.g. avocado, coconut oil, flaxseeds, coconut milk, peanut butter, tahini, almond butter or nuts). Brilliant when you want to whizz up a smoothie that will keep you going until lunchtime.

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