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A month of easy dinner ideas

Just a little planning can help you manage your household budget and put together delicious healthy recipes for the family even when you’re busy.

Getting started

Get a calendar or draw yourself a timetable so you can start writing in easy dinner ideas on each day. You'll find that the easy food recipes will soon fill up the page and the gaps don't seem so daunting.


Chicken is a great source of protein and vitamins, and ideal for making easy recipes for dinner on school nights.

    • Grill chicken without its skin. (Fried chicken in breadcrumbs is six times more fatty!) Get the most from your Sunday roast – use leftovers for a second meal: One chicken two meals.

    • If you're cooking ham and want to save some to add to a dish another day, cool it as quickly as possible and put it in the fridge or freezer.

    • Freezing meat saves money – buy it on offer then keep it for when it's needed. Freeze raw meat before its sell-by date and use it within two days of defrosting. If defrosting in a microwave, you must cook the meat straight away.

Fish recipes

    • One or two oily fish dishes a week is recommended but this means fresh tuna, salmon, sardines and fish like trout. Tinned tuna is counted as regular fish.

    • White fish is a nutritious basis for healthy recipes with steamed veg or flaked into a rice dish.

    • If you're cooking a fish pie, make extra mashed potato and baked white fish then mix these and make them into patties for fishcakes that you can easily freeze for another day.


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Rice and pasta dishes

Starchy foods are a great source of carbohydrate for energy and for essential B vitamins, fibre, calcium and iron, and should make up 30% of your diet.

    • Vary toppings to keep meals nutritious: tomato and veg sauce; chicken and lemon; half-fat cheese sauce.

    • If your children insist on pesto, top with a scattering of veg - carrot cubes, broccoli or sweetcorn.

    • Be careful cooking rice in advance. Once its cooked, keep it least at 60°C until serving, otherwise cool it quickly by running cold water over it or putting small amounts into shallow pots, then store it in the fridge. Don't let it cool slowly.

Savvy tip

Don’t forget to plan for regular and one-off after-school activities. On these nights make recipes for kids who have been active.

Pass it on - get a free Eat Well Meal Mixer

On the NHS 'change 4 life' website you can order a free meal planner with cheap healthy recipes and tips on how to give your family their '5 a day'.

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