6 tips every host should know

6 Tips Every Party Host Should Know

Throw the perfect party for friends and family to ring in the New Year right.

December is drawing to a close, so it’s time to begin planning a simple celebration to ring in the New Year.

Since New Year celebrations are all about “out with the old and in with the new,” give your usual party fare and décor a twist this year!

From shimmering decorations to fun guest favors, there are lots of easy ways to make your party a dazzling night for all.

6 Life Saving Tips Every Party Host Must Know

#1 Appetizer Advice

It’s a night for celebration, so create portable dishes guests can carry with them. There’s no need to make a smorgasbord, either.

Since you’re celebrating into the wee hours of the night, stick to a few recipes and make an abundance of them.

#2 Delectable Dips

Dips are perfect party food. They allow guests the freedom to snack when they want and won’t weigh them down.

  • Set out our cheesy warm crab dip and watch as guests come back for more — and the recipe!
  • Our creamy cherry fruit dip is a perfect, light option for those who don’t eat meat.
  • Homemade cheese balls are always a favorite.
  • Get creative with nachos by trying one of our four spins on the party staple.

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#3 Fizzy and Fruity Beverages

Accompany food with something bright, bubbly and perfect for toasting. Say cheers with custom drinks made of equal parts fruit juice — try cranberry, pomegranate or blood orange — and sparkling club soda. Serve in tall, slender glasses and garnish with fruit.

#4 Sweet Somethings

Make for a sweet year in review by setting out these delectable desserts:

  • Make a few batches of our homemade peanut butter cups for guests to snack on throughout the night.
  • Have young guests coming to the party? Make their night with a batch of dessert sushi rolls. You’ll be surprised how much adults like them, too!
  • Summer doesn’t seem so far away when you serve up a few ice cream cone cupcakes.

#5 Shimmering Palette

Give your party a distinct look and feel with a color scheme of rich, lustrous, metallic tones. They mix and match flawlessly for décor that feels fun and elegant.

Visit a party store and pick out paper plates, napkins, cups and flatware in various metallic colors.

#6 Recycled Confetti

Think twice before you throw away your holiday gift-wrap scraps! With a pair of scissors or a craft knife, cut your leftover wrapping paper into long, thin strips, stack them and cut horizontally for instant confetti. Place heaping handfuls in individual bags and pass out to your guests before midnight.

Aslo, check out these 7 stunning party makeup looks the host should try out this NYE!

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