6 Teas That Magically Alter Your Mood

6 Teas That Magically Alter Your Mood

For those days when life’s frustrating, draining, and stressful, the right tea is all you probably need to change your mood and make you happy again.

Tea contains beneficial antioxidants that help fight cancer. It also boosts the immune system, increases mental alertness, lowers stress hormone levels and induces sleep. In a sense, tea is nothing short of a real-life elixir with medicinal properties that go far beyond the scope and outlook of modern medicine. What’s more, it is a great way to bond with someone familiar, someone new and with yourself too.

Read on to better understand the health benefits of tea and find out which teas induce what state of mind.

Black Tea: The Pick-Me-Up

Black tea is a healthier alternative to coffee when you’re looking for a surge of energy, alertness and that extra spark. The strong flavour is well known to reinvigorate your senses and increase your mental capacity too. Just like sipping on a workout, isn’t it!

White Tea: The Refresher

White tea contains the least amount of caffeine and the most antioxidants. Being the least processed member of the tea family, its light flavour won’t just go down smoothly but also leave you feeling healthy, rejuvenated and a bit euphoric too. Much like sipping on an energy bar, don’t you think?

Green Tea: The Stress Reliever

Green tea has a natural and neutral flavour that is said to be a catalyst in bringing about stress relief. Since it is not loaded with as much caffeine as black tea, it doesn’t make you jumpy but rather has a calming and tranquil effect. Seems a lot like sipping on a glass of meditation!

Barley Tea: The Thirst Quencher


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Found in most Indian supermarkets, a glass of this tea with ice will keep thirst at bay on a hot day. A lot like sipping on cold water, only better!

Fruit Tea: The Healer

Orange tea, lemon tea, raspberry tea and other fruit teas work wonders for sore throats, body aches and general under-the-weather-ness. It’s a great alternative to cough syrup. Finally there’s a way to sip on tasty medicine!

Indian Chai: The Inspiration

Indian chai is a multifaceted tea infused with a whole lot of different spices and nuances which stimulates brain activity and works brilliantly during creative brainstorming sessions. Rather like sipping on a great piece of art! 

The next time you’re confronted by a rather strange mood, ask “Why put myself down when I can so easily lift myself with just a sip?” Then you go right to your kitchen, brew a special tea, sit back and watch the magic manifest. Remember, we are only what we think and nothing more; change how you think (with a little help from tea!) and happiness is sure to follow.

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