5 Ways to Make Oats Fun

5 Ways to Make Oats Fun

Everyone knows oats are healthy, but not everyone knows that oats can be used to make some yummy Indian treats too.

Here are 5 easy and tasty recipes you can make using oats:

Oats Adai


Oats - 1 cup (quick cooking)

Rice - 1/2 cup

Green Moong - 1/4 cup

Tur Dal - 1/4 cup

Chana Dal - 1/4 cup

Yellow Moong - 1 tbsp

Urad Dal - 1 tbsp

Asafoetida - 1/2 tsp

Aniseed - 1 tsp (Saunf)

Green chilies - 2

Red chilies - 2

Ginger - 1"

Onion - 1, finely chopped

Turmeric powder - 1/2 tsp

Coriander leaves - 2 tbsp, finely chopped

Salt to taste

Oil as required


- Soak dals in water for 3 hours. In a separate bowl, soak rice in water for 3 hours.

- Drain and grind rice, green chilies, red chilies, ginger and aniseed to a paste. Add very little water to make a smooth paste. Pour the batter into a bowl and keep aside.

- Now grind the dals, oats and salt to a slightly coarse paste. It should be like a thick dosa batter.

- Pour this dal batter into the rice batter bowl. Add chopped onions, asafoetida, turmeric powder and coriander leaves and mix.

- Heat a cast iron pan or non-stick pan. Once hot, reduce flame and sprinkle a few drops of water. If the water sizzles, it means the pan is right to spread out the adai batter.

- Pour a ladle full of batter in the center of the pan and swirl around with back of ladle to form a concentric circle like a thick dosa/uttappam.

- Drizzle few drops of oil around the edge of the adai and a few drops over it.

- Allow it to cook on low to medium flame for 2-3 minutes. When the bottom of adai lightly browns, flip over and cook for another 2-3 minutes on low to medium flame.

- Remove and serve with chutney or pickle of your choice.

Lemon Oats


Oats - 1 cup, lightly dry roasted for 4 min

Water - 3/4 cup

Turmeric powder - 1/4 tsp

Lemon juice - 1 1/4 tbsp

Salt to taste

Peanuts - fistful, roasted

Oil - 2 tsp

For tempering:

Mustard seeds - 1/2 tsp

Split gram dal - 1 tsp

Bengal gram - 1 1/2 tsp

Green chilies - 2, slit

Red chilies - 1, tear and de-seed

Curry leaves - 1 sprig

Asafoetida - 1/4 tsp


- Heat oil in a heavy bottomed vessel. Once hot, add mustard seeds and allow it to splutter. Add the dals and allow it to turn lightly red. Add green chilies, red chili, curry leaves and asafoetida and mix well.

- Add turmeric powder and mix. Add water, salt and bring to a boil.

- Add oats and mix. Reduce flame and place lid. Cook for 4 minutes.

- Remove lid, add lemon juice and mix well. Cook without lid for 4 more minutes, mixing once in a while.

- Garnish with roasted peanuts and serve warm with yogurt or pickle.

Oats Idli


Oats - 1 1/2 cups, dry roast for 4 minutes, cool and grind to a fine powder

Semolina - 3/4 cup (suji)

Yogurt - 1 cup (curd)

Carrot - 1, peeled and grated

Salt to taste

Eno Salt - 1/2 tsp (or cooking soda)

Water as required

Mustard seeds - 1/2 tsp

Split Black Gram Dal - 1 tsp (urad dal)


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Asafoetida - 1/4 tsp (Hing)

Green chilies - 2, finely chopped

Curry leaves - 1 sprig

Coriander leaves - 1-2 tbsp, finely chopped (optional)

Oil - 2 tsp


- Heat oil in a heavy bottomed vessel. Add mustard seeds and as they begin to splutter, add urad dal and let the dal turn red. Add the chopped green chilies, some curry leaves, asafoetida and then sauté for a few seconds.

- Add grated carrot and sauté for 2 min. Then add semolina and sauté for 4 min. Add coriander leaves and turn off heat. Cool.

- Add the ground roasted oats powder and salt to taste. Add the curd and mix followed by adding just enough water to make a thick dosa batter.

- Grease idli plates or a stainless steel cup. Add eno salt or cooking soda and mix well. Pour a ladle full of batter in each greased depression of the idli plates.

- Steam for 13-15 minutes. Serve warm with chutney of your choice.

Oats Roti


Wheat flour - 1 cup

Oats - 3/4 cup, powdered

Chickpea flour - 1/4 cup (Besan)

Carrot - 1, peeled and grated

Onion - 1, small, finely chopped

Green chili-ginger paste - 1 tsp

Coriander leaves - 3 tbsp, finely chopped

Coriander powder - 1 1/4 tsp

Cumin powder - 1/2 tsp

Red chili powder - large pinch

Salt to taste

Yogurt - 1/4 cup (optional)

Water as required

Oil as required


- In a large bowl, mix all the above ingredients excluding oil. Add water few tablespoons at a time and make soft dough. Keep aside for 10 minutes.

- Prepare rotis by rolling out a large lemon sized amount of dough on a flour-dusted surface.

- Heat an iron or non-stick tawa. Once hot, place a roti and cook till it lightly turns color, filp over and cook the other side till light brown spots form.

- Drizzle ghee or oil all over the roti and roast to a nice golden brown shade on both the sides. Remove onto a serving plate.

- Serve warm with yogurt, pickle and curry of your choice.

Oats Upma


Oats - 1 cup, dry roast for 5 min and cool

Carrot - 1, cubed

French Beans - 5-6, string and chop into pieces

Green peas - fistful (optional)

Onion - 1, finely sliced

Green Chilies - 2, slit

Ginger - 1tsp (grated)

Turmeric powder - 1/2 tsp

Salt to taste

Water - 1 cup

Ghee - 2 tsp

Oil - 2 tsp

Coriander leaves - 1 tbsp, finely chopped

Mustard seeds - 1/2 tsp

Cloves - 2

Cinnamon Stick - small piece

Star Anise - 1

Cardamom - 1

Bay Leaf - 1

Cashew nuts - 4-5

Curry leaves - 1 sprig


- Heat oil and ghee in a heavy bottomed vessel. Add mustard seeds and allow it to splutter. Add whole spices, cashew nuts and curry leaves and saute for a minute -on low to medium flame.

- Add the onions, ginger and green chilies and sauté for 4 min. Add carrots and beans and sauté on medium flame for 4 min. Add turmeric powder and salt and mix.

- Place lid and cook on low flame for 6-7 min. Then add a cup of water and bring to a boil. Reduce flame, place lid and cook for 6-7 min or till the water is half absorbed.

- Add the dry roasted oats and mix. Then place the lid for 3 min. Turn off heat and mix well.

- Remove onto a serving bowl and garnish with fresh coriander leaves. Serve warm with pickle or chutney of your choice.

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