5 Ingredients That Aid In Weight Loss & Should Be Stocked In Your Fridge

Enviedeplus suggests ingredients you should always have in your fridge when tying to lose weight, from low fat yoghurt to fresh vegetables and herbs.

#1 Replace butter

Use vegetable oils or margarine (made from vegetable oil, low in saturated fat and with no dietary cholesterol) instead of butter. Both can be used for baking and cooking, so the whole family will still be able to enjoy delicious homemade cookies.

#2 Prep easy snacks

Always have a stack of fresh vegetables on hand to snack on. Baby carrots, radish and cherry tomatoes are great as they need no peeling. You can also cut cauliflower and broccoli florets in advance.

#3 Buy low-fat or fat free dairy

Yogurt, cheese, cream cheese, plain and flavoured milk, and ice cream are all available in low fat and fat free options.


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#4 Add a personal touch

Keep a good supply of vinegars, herbs (fresh or frozen), relishes, condiments (soy sauce, vinegar, chili oil), salsas, pickles and spices, as they add great flavor to food but very few calories.

#5 Opt for whole grain

Whole grain products can be incorporated into every meal. Whole wheat cereals are perfect for breakfast, whole wheat bread can be eaten as a morning toast or with your meals, while brown rice, whole wheat pasta and quinoa are absolutly delicious for lunch and dinner.

Reward your dietary efforts by buying organic in order to get the tastiest fruit and vegetables. You’ll soon forget your need for pastries and chocolate.

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