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3 simple drinks to get a good night’s sleep

Insomnia is part of many women’s lives. Here are the recipes for 3 natural drinks to help you sleep better, offered by EverydayMe.

1/ Cherry smoothie

3 simple drinks

Due to their high concentration in melatonin (the sleep hormone), cherries improve sleep. Follow this recipe to make a delicious blended cherry drink!

3 simple drinks

You simply need 20 pitted cherries, two tablespoons of yoghourt and a blender.


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3 simple drinks 3 simple drinks

Blend all the ingredients together.

3 simple drinks

And enjoy !!

2/ Vanilla milk

3 simple drinks

First, cut the vanilla pod in two, place it in a glass and pour hot milk over it.

3 simple drinks 3 simple drinks

Vanilla is soothing, perfect to calm you down before going to sleep.
If you prefer bit your drink to be more spicy add cinnamon and also benefit from its warming effect!
Now it’s time to enjoy this comforting and relaxing drink and go to bed!

3/ Peppermint Infusion

Here’s something different than the traditional chamomile tea!

Peppermint infusion is great to drink before going to bed because of its relaxing and digestive effects.
Fresh peppermint can be found very easily in groceries.

3 simple drinks 3 simple drinks 3 simple drinks

Peppermint has a strong aroma because of its high menthol content. If you like it sweeter, just add a spoon of honey.

Everydayme wishes you a good night!

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today I too try this stuff for my brother bcoz he cant sleep even he use sleeping tabs.if this works I will thank a lot to god

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To day, I shall try these receipe for my mother who seems to have very little sleep at night. Thank you.

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