6 Tips to Get Rid Of Lint from Lint-Ridden Garments.

Lint can make clothes look old, haggard and ugly. What it can’t do is any permanent damage.

Imagine a scenario where you have bought new clothes a little over a month ago and the second or third time you decide to wear them, you realise the outfits have lost their sheen due to ugly fibres making an appearance all over them. And you are left with fairly new clothes that are now as good as rags thanks to fabric lint balls. 

6 Tips to Get Rid of Lint from Clothes:

1. Sort it out:
A cardinal rule of lint cleaning, especially with clothes prone to lint shedding, is to sort them by colour beforehand.Some fabrics are lint shredders while others attract lint easily.So, identify them and wash them separately, ensuring they don’t make contact with each other afterwards either.

2. Wash correctly:
If a garment is prone to shedding, wash it inside out. For clothing that already has lint on it, wash it the right side out so the lint can be cleaned away. Don’t overcrowd your washing machine; allow water to move freely between clothes. This is essential for effective lint removal. Also, lint tends to redeposit on clothes, which is whyit is so important that there is enough breathing space.

3.Vinegar wash:
When regular washing does not do the job, turn to your kitchen cabinet. After your wash cycle is complete, add diluted white vinegar solution to your final rinse and voila, you have lint-free clothes.

4.Get sticky with it:
Use scotch tape or other adhesive rolls to gently release lint from clothes and prevent fly-aways. Gently rubbing a pumice stone can help clean up a garment and take lint particles with it. A fabric softener canalso help in the reduction of lint shedding.

5.Drying helps:
Most dryers have lint filters that are essential for capturing and removing the lint before it redeposits on clothes. Hence it is important to keep dryer vents clean and frequently remove lint from the washing machine. Lint covered clothes can be air-dried in the dryer or blasted on cool setting with the help of a hairdryer to loosen and remove strays.

6.Stack right:
One of the most common places your clothes catch lint is in your closet. Separate garments that shed from garments that are most prone to attracting lint and you will have solved half your problem. Keep coloured fabrics away from whites. Having a lint roller or lint brush is essential for quick touch-ups.

Go on, wear your lint-free clothes with pride!

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