6 Magic Tricksto Make Underarm Stains Vanish From Clothing.

6 Magic Tricks to Make Underarm Stains Vanish From Clothing.

Underarm stains leave stubborn marks on your clothes that traditional washing methods can’t eliminate.

How to remove sweat stains is a question that worries everyone since sweat stains are unbelievably tough to get rid of. Especially when it comes to underarms stains, the problem worsens with the residue ofdeodorants or perfumes adding to the grime, making it even more difficult to figure out how to remove underarm stains.

5 Easy Tips to Get Rid of Underarm Stains at Home:

1. Salt: When in doubt, raid the kitchen cabinet! Easily available and loaded with anti-grease properties, table salt can cut through underarm sweat stains. Dissolve 4 tablespoons of salt in 1 litre of hot water and rub the garment gently with it till the stain disappears.

2. Lemon: Lemon is a fantastic natural remedy for greasy stains on fabric. The astringent properties that lemon possesses are great to fight oily stains. Simply scrub the stained area with an equal  mixof lemon juice and water and wash as usual.

3. Vinegar: Concentrated vinegar works wonders in banishing stubborn stains. Pour a bit directly onto the stain and rub it into the fabric before washing.


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4. Baking soda:This old-school remedy works wonders on underarm stains since it loosens up the dirt and stickiness, making stain removal so much faster. Pre-treat your clothes with a paste made from 4 tablespoons of baking soda and 1/4 cup warm water. Apply on the stain and let it rest for an hour before washing in a diluted solution of baking soda and water.Wash as usual after.

5. Aspirin:If you have run out of ways on how to clean underarm stains, aspirin will come to your rescue. Aspirin is not just for your aches and pains, it is also your clothes’ best friend. Soak the stained part of the garment in a solution of 2 crushed aspirins mixed in ½ cup warm water, soak for three hours and wash as usual.

6. Cold water: Hot water lets the stain set in; always use cold water to fight the yellowing. Simply hold the fabric under a running stream of cold water and gently rub the problem area before the washing cycle. Make sure you don’t put your clothes to dry if it’s still got stains on them, since drying will make it impossible for you to remove the stain later on.

Now with these tricks up your sleeve, no underarm stain will seem stubborn!

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