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Two-step housework

The kids have gone back to school… So to get the year off to a good start and to ensure that you get to spend plenty of quality time with them, here are 5 things you can start doing to enable you to earn 30 minutes per week by altering the way you do the housework!

1 - Adopt a good working method = 8 minutes earned.
Room by room, surface by surface: to avoid doing the same place twice, work from left to right and top to bottom…finishing with the floor where most of the dirt will have settled.

2 - Work in steps = 5 minutes earned. 

Start by dusting the house: furniture, ornaments, etc. For crumbs on the sofa use the vacuum cleaner. Then move on to cleaning the floors: this avoids the dirt settling on the damp surfaces again.

3 - Save your energy = 5 minutes earned. 

Reduce the amount of to and fros by keeping the cleaning products close to hand. Use your creativity when it comes to where you store them: wicker baskets, colourful boxes...you could even buy a vintage bucket that can also be used as a bathroom bin: in short, think “2 in 1” so that you don’t have to clutter your house with unattractive looking bottles of cleaning products.


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4 - Delegate = 5 minutes earned. 

Leave the products to do the work for you: spray the cleaning product and then do something else while it works its magic.

5 - Organisation is the key = 7 minutes earned.

When you have stairs in your home, you spend the whole time walking up and down them! Instead of losing time climbing the stairs just to take up a pair of shoes that have been left lying around, place everything to be taken up at the bottom of the stairs and do it all at once.

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