Top Tips For Drying Clothes Indoors

It's commonly understood that drying clothes out in the sun makes them smell better and decreases the monthly electricity bill. Follow these tips for drying the laundry indoors, even if you don't have a clothes dryer.

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Invest in a good drying rack

Plastic clothes horses or drying racks are available at most homewares stores, and you can usually pick them up at your local supermarket. If you do lots of washing, buy a couple of them so you always have plenty of drying space. Most of them fold up and can conveniently be moved out of the way when youre done.

For something a little more sturdy and permanent, especially if you have space, indoor clotheslines and airers are ideal. These work on a pulley system attached to the ceiling so that clothes can be winched above head height for drying. They come in different sizes, are made of wood and cast iron, and are extremely handy if youve got a lot of laundry to handle on a weekly basis. Also Learn how to keep the laundry smelling fresh.

Place your drying somewhere warm and breezy
If you're planning on fixing a permanent rack, consider the kitchen or the balcony if you have one. Warm and breezy areas allow for the best flow of air to your clothes, and if you have a movable rack, place it close to heat sources, like radiators or the oven, and be prepared to move it to follow the heat.


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Rotate drying regularly
Alternate the positions of drying clothes to ensure even airflow to each piece. This will also avoid corners pulling and hanger or line marks forming. Lower-hanging items take longer to dry, so place smaller items like underwear and socks at the bottom of your rack, and move items up, once those at the top have dried.

Consider investing in an Air Dryer
Gentle on fabric, energy efficient and kind to the environment, air dryers use a system of fans to circulate air under drying clothes. Simply hang your washing then place your drying rack on top of the machine. Cheaper to run than a tumble dryer and inexpensive to buy, it'll cut down drying times and speed up laundry-load turnarounds.

Do your washing early in the day
If you hang your washing first thing in the morning, it should be dry by the evening thanks to the light and warmth generated by the household during the day. Leaving washing until the evening is more likely to lead to damp clothes sitting in the machine until the next day (fess up those of you whove forgotten to hang the laundry!).

Hang your smarter clothes on hangers
You're likely to hang smart shirts and dresses on hangers once they're dry anyway, so why not do it straight away and save yourself a job? This will help avoid clothes creasing too. Another tip: if you hang them on door frames and the backs of chairs, you'll free up space on the rack for other items.
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