Top Tips for a Refreshingly Tidy Home

Messy homes can leave us feeling anxious, helpless and often embarrassed in front of company

Messy homes can leave us feeling anxious, helpless and often embarrassed in front of company. This is because of a natural reaction to multiple stimuli in the brain. That overwhelmed, stunned, panicky feeling you sometimes experience when you walk into a messy room is your brain’s reaction to information-overload caused by a whole lot of stimuli being presented all at once, and the inevitable musty smells caused by the ensuing dust bunnies doesn’t help either.

It’s hard to see the immediate solution, which compounds the more you look around and causes considerable stress. But there are some simple, quick ways to stop clutter in its tracks and refresh your home. We’ve listed a few of our favourites below – why not give them a try?


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  1. When cleaning your bedroom, always make the bed first – it will instantly make the overall task more achievable while providing a clear space for folding and sorting the rest of your stuff.
  2. Use bread clips to label and organise various electronics cords – it’ll be kinder to your knees in the long run, and save you from frustration!
  3. Attach shower curtain hooks to your clothes hangers to hang your scarves/belts/bags from for separate, easy access.
  4. Velcro your remotes to the side of your TV or coffee table to ensure they’re never lost inside the couch or strewn all over the lounge.
  5. Hang a mail holder on the side of your bench or table – this gets them off the countertop for an instantly clutter-free surface, and means you have to empty it regularly by sorting through and filing or discarding.
  6. Run a multi-plug/power strip through the back of your bedside stand and charge your phone inside the drawer/shelf out of sight.
  7. Keep your cleaning supplies in a bucket with a handle for centralisation and mobility.
  8. Introduce ‘clutter baskets’ to your household – each person gets their own named clutter basket and anything found lying around gets thrown in there. It’s then up to the owner to organise their things and put them back in their bedrooms.
  9. Lastly, freshen up your home and don’t just mask, but completely remove all those tough household odours with Ambi Pur Air Effects!

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