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Tips For Cleaning Your Home

Learn simple tips and ideas to keep your home clean and tidy. Follow these bits of advice to have an organized and cozy home.

Some discipline... and voilà!
The best way to have our house always clean and tidy is to not allow it to accumulate dirt. At the same time, the clutter (like the pile of clothes in the bedroom or magazines in the living room, for example) can also be avoided with small daily gestures.

That is, the best way is to do a little every day, so there is never a need to spend two or three days cleaning and tidying up the house.

Simple cleaning and storage
There are chores that can be seamlessly embedded in the routines of everyone at home. If each one does his/her part, your home is more easily clean and tidy. Moreover, it is all a matter of habit and who does not like having an organized and welcoming home?

The bedrooms
There is nothing worse than entering a messy room. We want to feel calm and comfortable and it is not with the bed unmade and clothes scattered to the four corners of the room that this will happen.

Tip: provide incentive for the little ones to make their beds. The responsibility training begins at an early age and this is a great exercise for them.

The kitchen
Never leave dirty plates and cutlery in the sink. It is very unpleasant, not only visually, but also to the nose. You have two options, either wash your dishes by hand or put them in the machine, after the meal. Once washed and dried, put them away (with someone's help, this is a task that is done in two minutes).


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Also pay attention to the kitchen floor: one daily sweep and a quick wash every two days is essential.

Living room This is the room where we spend most of our time and, therefore, it is very easy to get messy and dirty. Before turning off the light to go to sleep, get the remote controls and cell phone chargers (preferably in a box made for that), shake out the cushions of sofas, leave the blankets folded and clean the coffee table (magazines scattered and DVD cases open, no!).

Tip: never walk around your home with footwear worn on the street (something applicable to everyone at home) to avoid scratching the wood floor (less work for waxing) or soiling the carpet (less work to clean). Check out how to clean stained carpets here.

It is very easy to keep this room clean and tidy. Just develop little habits such as properly hang the wet towels, rinse the tub with water and do not leave toothpaste open and brushes with hair in the sink.

Finally, the ideal is to do a general cleaning once a week. And, in fact, it will not take much time because the house is never really dirty, thanks to your daily cleaning and housekeeping habits.

To further facilitate your chores, you can always resort to the help of Swiffer, for dusting. Swiffer it grabs and holds 2x more dust (it does not scatter it) than traditional methods, and ensures complete cleaning, even in hard to reach areas.

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