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Super-quick ‘green cheats’ – ways to run a more eco-friendly household

When it comes to daily green tips, we all know about energy-saving light bulbs and only boiling a mug’s worth of water at a time, but what are the less obvious day to day shortcuts that eco-conscious mums are making? Here are a few tips we collected from super savvy mums.

  1. Use a damp flannel to sponge food stains off kids’ clothes to make them last a little longer. This way you can ensure you have a full load for the washing machine.
  2. The TV on standby uses around 10% of the energy it uses when on. However, if you add up all the standby items, it can add up.  
  3. Encourage your kids to be the green police, always turning off lights, putting different pieces of rubbish in the correct bin – and reprimanding the grown-ups if they forget!
  4. Turning your thermostat down by just one degree Centigrade can save 10 per cent on heating costs. You can go further and reduce the time the heating is on and watch your heating bill go down.  If you get a bit cold you can always add a jumper.  Women do tend to feel cold before men.  However, be careful if you have elderly people in the house as they do get cold quicker.
  5. In winter, insulate windows in rooms that you don’t use all the time (in the spare room or smaller windows high up in the bathroom, for example) with bubble wrap. Just spray a water mist onto the window and the bubble wrap sticks and stays there for ages.
  6. In the summer you shouldn’t need to use a tumble dryer at all. It’s easy to get out of the habit of hanging clothes in the garden but this will dry everything far more cost-effectively than in the machine or on radiators.

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