5 Essential Tips for Wardrobe Management and Res

It’s always difficult: how to refresh a wardrobe while staying in lines – money-wise? Shops are flooded with new arrivals, and something is in the air - an urge to re-new yourself. Resistance is quite impossible. But is it?

Listen to your heart, but reason with your desire. This is how:

  • Redesign your clothes – you can find endless tricks on the internet how to turn your old clothes into something unique and trendy, e.g. your boyfriend shirt into a dress, your scarf into a skirt. Don’t be afraid to redesign the older pieces of your closet into something new. Really the cheapest way, and also a satisfying trick.
  • Believe in accessories –one piece of accessory can give you a whole new look and turn the long forgotten clothes laying in the back of the closet into a mesmerizing outfit. Exaggerate by all means, dare to wear something extravagant.
  • Buy eternal pieces – Don’t fall always for new colors. You know exactly what suits you best. Seasons change, but your taste must not alternate every now and then, whenever you come across a new collection. It is better if your experiences determine your choice of clothes, not the actual trends. Clothes do not make the woman - quite the contrary.
  • Preserve the colors – turn garments inside out when washing, avoid too much sunlight, wash them at low temperatures.

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