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Make Your Own Labels

Glass jars are the ideal place to store craft supplies. We show you how to create a neat and uniform look for your jars using stylish labels.

Before you begin:
Decide what you want the words on the labels to say, type them in the typeface of your choice on your computer and print on to clear self-adhesive vinyl – you can do this at a print shop. Use dictionary definitions of words that best describe the contents of your jars, for example ‘ thread’ and ‘ button’ . Now you are ready to mark your jars.

You will need:

  • glass jars
  • vinyl labels (see ‘ Before you begin’ )
  • craft knife and cutting mat
  • metal ruler
  • masking tape
  • white vinegar
  • cotton pads
  • soft cloth

To make:

Step 1 - Use your craft knife, cutting mat and metal ruler to cut out the labels neatly.


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Make Your Own Labels Step 1

Step 2 - Wipe the jar clean with cotton pads that you have dipped in a little white vinegar – this is to make sure the jar is completely clean and grease free.

Make Your Own Labels Step 2

Step 3 - Stick masking tape at the lower edge of the jar to help ensure your label is straight. Pull the plastic layer away from the label and stick it to the jar. Rub it smooth with a soft cloth. Remove the strip of masking tape.

Make Your Own Labels Step 3

Step 4 - Store your items according to the labels on the marked jars.

Make Your Own Labels Step 4

Good idea
This idea will also work well for dry ingredients in the kitchen.

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