Make Your Closet Clutter-free With These 10 Space-saving Ideas

Make Your Closet Clutter-Free With These 10 Closet Organization Ideas


Your closet is much bigger than you think. No seriously, if you relook the way you store things, and with a little bit of closet cleaning and creativity, you’ll be surprised at how much more you can store! These 10 simple storage solutions will show you.

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10 Space-Saving Ideas For A Clutter-Free Closet

  1. Make the door useful: Nail a few hooks into the closet door and it doubles up as a bag or belt hanger. You could even string your necklaces and other accessories. Having things in front of your eyesnot only makes it easier to pick out matching stuff, but also saves you the trouble of hunting for them in all the wrong places.
  2. Prioritize: Store your everyday items at eye level and within reach. The less-used ones can be designated to the bottom and the least used ones, such as out-of-season clothes,on the top shelves. This is one of the most practical closet organization ideas that puts the things you need the most within your reach. So now you needn’t mess up your cupboard looking for things.
  3. Adjustable shelves: Shelves which can be shifted around help you accommodate clothes piles as well as hangers and can be shuffled according to the increase or decrease of items in your cupboard. Hanging shelves are an equally good idea as they can also be moved out and hung somewhere else if you need more closet space.
  4. Box it up: Use boxes to store knick knacks and accessories and hanging shelves to store towels, shoes and other heavier items. Transparent boxes make life easier.
  5. Coordinated hangers: Single colour hangers give the appearance of a neat, clean wardrobe. Colour coordinating your clothes also makes them easier to find.
  6. Add a mirror: One of the simplest closet ideas, this makes trying on clothes so much easier as you are more likely to put them right back inside if it’s not the chosen one.
  7. Shower rings as scarf holders: Slip on some shower rings onto a hanger and voila! You’ve got a scarf holder that keeps your scarves crease- free.
  8. Double decker hangers: Take the looped clip of a soda can and slip it around a hanger hook. Now slip a second hanger through the lower loop. You can use this to hang paired or matching items. Organizing wardrobe has never been easier!
  9. Label: Designating and labelling space to specific items gives them their slots and helps keep them there.It also makes things easier to find.
  10. Innovate: Use an upright bin or unused umbrella stand to hold umbrellas, yoga mats, sports racquets or other unused items.

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