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Leisurely laundry

With a well planned laundry room, tackling the washing is a breeze!

If your laundry is part of an open-plan kitchen, using sliding doors to cover the appliances when they are not in use is an ideal way to maximise the space. Good lighting also makes the task a bit easier.

If you do not have a separate laundry room in your house and you’re thinking of renovating or extending your kitchen, do consider adding one. A laundry room can be one of the most useful and practical rooms in the home.

Other than a washing machine and a tumble dryer, the ideal laundry room should also have a washbasin to hand-wash all your delicates, storage cupboards, a drying rack, laundry baskets, an iron and ironing board as well as a work surface for folding. Read on for everything you need to know…

How to do perfect laundry
A well-equipped laundry room gives you the space and ability to simply do laundry better. All your products are close at hand and you have more than enough space to take extra care of your clothing. But not even the best state-of-the-art washing machine guarantees the perfect wash if you don’t know how to care for your garments. Look at each piece’s care label instructions carefully and then group items with similar needs together.

Leisurely laundry Leisurely laundry Skilful Storage

Skilful storage
No matter how small your laundry room, it’s easy to keep it organised with clever storage options. For a laundry corner all you need is a work surface, cupboard space and shelves.

  • If you don’t have enough cupboard space for an ironing board, use a wall hook.
  • No work surface? Mount a fold-up tabletop against the wall and you’ll instantly have space to fold laundry.
  • Three laundry baskets are ideal to sort dirty laundry. Keep dark colours, whites and delicates and wool separate.
  • A clothes rail inside a cupboard or a freestanding one can be used to hang clothes that have just been ironed or items that need to be dried. It uses a lot less space than a drying rack.
  • Use a trolley with three shelves instead of a regular cupboard it can then double up as a work surface.

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  • Save a bit by buying all your detergents in bulk and decanting them into smaller containers; label them for convenience when refilling. Store the extra products out of the way on the top shelf.
  • Use plastic storage baskets with handles (so you can carry them around easily) to keep products together.
  • Clip some pegs on the outside of the peg bag so they are instantly at hand
Leisurely laundry Leisurely laundry Show off

Fuss-free de-cluttering

  • Drawer dividers are great for families; they keep folded clothing separated.
  • Use a rectangular plastic laundry basket to carry clothes from room to room – this will reduce creases while keeping clothing neatly stacked.
  • Check all containers every three months and discard all products that are not being used.
  • Always keep two plastic bags at hand for clothing that needs to be mended or that you’d like to donate to charity. It’s much easier when you have it at hand than packing it away and then having to find it.
Learn useful  fabric care tips  here.

Energy savers
A laundry room is one of the areas in the house that uses the most electricity.

  • When purchasing a tumble dryer make sure you buy one that automatically switches off when clothes are dry.
  • Automatic washing machines use the same amount of electricity for a full or small load, so pile up your dirty laundry until you have a full load.
  • To save energy use the prewash cycle for clothing that is not very dirty; this can decrease warm water usage by up to 20%.
  • Hang clothing outside to dry instead of using a tumble dryer.
  • Place one bundle of washing in after the other, as the machine is already warm.
  • Regularly check to ensure the lint filter is clean.
  • Save energy by switching off the iron before ironing your last item, the stored heat will still work effectively.
  • You also save energy when ironing a load of clothing in one go as it takes an iron a while to heat up every time you switch it on.

A well-stocked laundry room is a little like a well stocked cupboard: both have a comforting air of “all’s right with the world.” 

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A laundry room is one of the areas in the house that uses the most electricity.

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