Learn To Separate These 6 Sticky Makeup Stains From Clothes.

6 Simple Makeup Stain Removal Tips & Techniques

Women love to play dress up whether they are going to work or a party, but one fear haunts even the best make-up artist: how to remove lipstick stains from clothes.

Your precious clothes can feel the brunt of pesky makeup stains, but with a few simple tricks you can become a pro at quick stain removal and teach your girlfriends a thing or two on how to remove stains. The key is to know what solution works for what fabric and stain type.

Before trying any cleaning method, take some time to read the care instructions on the label of the garment or fabric.

1. Lipstick: Check the base of the lipstick formula. Use baby powder, chalk, or baking soda to remove oil and wax-based lipsticks. Alternatively, spritz some hair spray and let it sit for 10 minutes, dab with a sponge and wash.

2. Eyeliner: Before using a standard cleaner, dab some salt on the stain. Alternatively, you can dab it with dishwashing liquid and a few drops of water as a spot treatment. Then give it a regular wash.

3. Waterproof mascara: This is a tough one and needs a lot of patience. A make-up remover is your best bet. But make sure it’s oil-free though, or it could leave messy, unsightly marks on the clothes. Gently blot the stain with makeup remover and rinse using cold water whenthe residue stops sticking to the blotting paper. Wash as usual.


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4. Foundation: Using a clarifying product like shaving cream or shampoo, pre-treat powder and liquidfoundation spills; this will break through the stains after which you can comfortably put the fabric for wash. Another option is hydrogen peroxide,but be careful with coloured fabrics as it is also a bleaching agent and may cause discolouration. Glycerine can come to the rescue as a last resort for blotting away the stain.

5. Blush and eyeshadow: To reverse these high luminosity stains with multiple formulations, first rinse the affected area under cold water. Then, using a sponge and mild laundry detergent, workon the spot from the outside in as this will help reduce the oil in the formula. Rinse thoroughly and throw into wash as usual.

6. Nail polish: How to remove nail polish from clothes? Simple. Just place the garment on a clean, dry surface. Using a clean rag or blotting paper and acetone, gently dab the affected area taking care that the nail polish colour does not spread or get further embedded in the fabric. Repeat till the stain is no longer transferring. Rinse under cold water and wash as usual.

Always treat stains when they are fresh as these are easier to remove compared to ones that have set in. Stain removal is an on-going process and stubborn stains may need repeated treatment. If they still persist, get professional help. Also, ensure that you avoid using a dryer or this will set the stain for life. When all else fails, send your clothes to the dry cleaners.

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