Summer laundry and stain removal tips

Summer laundry and stain removal tips

As the summer months come to a close, we share tips on how to make the most of the last days of summer.

Back in February, we shared with you our helpful guide to help with your laundry day.

The recent summer activities and warm temperatures will no doubt have taken its toll on your families’ wardrobe. Swimsuits, towels and your summer fabrics, such as linen, all require special attention to make sure they’re usable year after year.

Family Day Out The sun has finally come out (maybe for the last time this year) so why not make the most of it and take the family out for a picnic. Just remember to go prepared, carry a stain remover with you, so you can act quickly on any spills and marks. Come laundry day, you will have aided stain removal and prevented any potential permanent damage.

TIP: When traveling make sure you put plastic bags to good use - sealable bags can help make sure marks aren’t transferred to your other clothes. If you’re coming back from the beach, they are great for keeping damp towels separate too.

Swimsuits and TowelsThe trick to keeping swimsuits looking brand new is to make sure you rinse out all of the chlorine. Chlorine can be damaging to fabric and linger in clothes if not taken care of. After each use, make sure all your families’ swimming costumes are rinsed in cold water and let them air dry.


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Swimming pool towels get a lot of use during the summer. Take the time to let them air dry after washing to give your towels a boost. Also, try cleaning with new Bold 2 in 1 liquid which helps your towels to stay fresh for longer.

Know your basics We all know the basics when it comes to laundry (check our guide if you’re unsure!) But here are some more helpful tips to keep on top of your laundry.

  • Be picky about what gets washed and have tabs on how long your family items are actually worn for. If it’s only a few hours, skip washing them until the second wear to save on energy bills. Using New Bold 2 in 1 will deliver amazing cleaning and give long-lasting freshness too!
  • Summer sweat stains can be the worst to remove –dab the stained area with your laundry powder and then let it sit for 30 minutes before washing.
  • Heat can set stains, so check your clothes before transferring to a dryer to make sure stains are completely gone.

Always check the labels! Know how to properly care for and wash your garments all year round. They will last longer.

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