Fact Of The Fabric:Knowing a Fabric Helps Care For It Better.

Fact Of The Fabric:Knowing a Fabric Helps Care For It Better.

When it comes to fabric care, what works for one fabric,could be disastrous for another.

Changing seasons and fashions determine the types of fabrics you wear but the knowledge of how to care for the fabric of your clothes is crucial in keeping your clothes looking good for longer. Fabric care is not just restricted to washing clothes but it is also important for you to know how to dry, iron and stack your clothes.

1. Cotton:

There are a number of different cotton fabric types in the market today. Which necessitates that you read care label instructions specific to the cotton fabric type you have at hand. Spot treatment with a mild detergent works best for stain removal. Hot, warm or cold water can be used on cotton garments depending on their fabric blend; stay away from extreme heat to prevent damage. Beware of over drying cotton as it causes shrinkage and can make your garment unusable. If you’re using a dryer, always dry cotton garments in low heat and remember to remove them while still cool. Iron inside out using a hot iron settingas cotton wrinkles take longer to smoothen.

2. Linen:
The most breathable fabric around, linen absorbs more water during washing than other fibres;hence do not overcrowd the washer and dryer. Since linen fabric is prone to wear and tear, begin by checking the label instructions carefully and keeping the water as well as detergent solution tepid and mild. Soak coloured linen in a salt solution before washing normally to ensure colour stays fast. It crumples easily since it’s a natural fabric, so iron it inside out using a steam iron at a hot setting for best results.

3. Silk:
Silk is a tricky fabric as it is delicate, loses colour easily and tightens up if washing conditions are not favourable. Hand washing is more favourable for silk compared to dry cleaning or machine washing. At home, always use products formulated for hand washing silk. Luke warm water works best for silk but be gentle when the fabric is wet as its protein structure renders it even more delicate. While drying, exercise caution and ensure you don’t tumble or wring dry. Silk cannot be left out in direct sunlight for long periods of time. Hotand steam ironing for silk is a strict no-no, instead use the iron at low temperatures.


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4. Polyester:
A fabric that never shrinks, most polyester may be machine-washed using warm water, but make sure to check care labels first to ensure the blend is not dry cleaning only. The fabric permanently wrinkles in a hot dryer, so dry on low heat. This fabric tends to get stiff, so use fabric softeners before the final rinse. It can burn and melt easily, so never subject the fabric to hot ironing.

5. Wool:
Fabric cleaning for woollens is slightly more complicated as wool undergoes treating and construction, making it shed lint and lose its lustre if not treated right. Woollens can never be washed, which is why you shouldalways dry-clean them. If washable at home, use a gentle detergent solution and hand wash or machine-wash as directed by the clothing care label. Wool fibres tend to shrink in cold water, which is why you should always use lukewarm water to wash and rinse woollens.

Now, that you know the facts caring for your fabrics should be a breeze! 

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