How to Look After Your Washing Machine @ Reward Me

How to look after your machine

India’s #1* washing machine brand, LG, recommends using Ariel in your machine for better machine care*. (*based on technical test on detergent solubility vs. ordinary detergent)

Washing Machine Tips @ Reward Me

Q: My washer smells very bad in monsoon season. What should I do?

A: Leave the lid of the washer open after wash for several hours until the machine is dry.

How to Use Dry Fabric to Wipe the Machine @ Reward Me

- Use dry fabric to wipe the machine if the environment is extremely humid.

How to Wipe the Top Cover Seal Part @ Reward Me

Use dry fabric to wipe the top cover seal part every time after use. There is likely to have dirty water left.


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Washing Machine @ Reward Me

Let out the dirty water every 3-6 month usage.

  • There is a small hidden door in the left down/right down front of the washer
  • Read washing machine usage instruction, open the door and let the dirty water flow out.
  • Do put spare, dusting clothes on the floor when doing this.
How to Clean Dispenser @ Reward Me
  • Check the dispenser after the water inlet if you think the water pressure is not high enough.
  • There could be detergent powder left in the dispenser. Use some water to flow the powder into the washer.

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