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A max effect min effort tidy-up can leave your home looking good in no time.

Our homes could always do with a major tidy up but we rarely have time to clear out every room. Here are some ideas for swooping through the home so you and your house feel refreshed in no time at all.

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Bedrooms can often be a seriously big project but they’ll be just as cosy come night time whether they look like hotel rooms or not, so don’t beat yourself up about them being messy if you only have time for your daytime living spaces – the places you spend your waking hours!

1 - Put a wash on: Laundry might seem like a chore but you can get a wash going in five minutes so it’s a great way to kick start your clean-up. Add a gorgeous-smelling fabric conditioner and it makes hanging the washing out afterwards far more enjoyable (especially if you need to do your drying in the home during the winter months).

2- Carpet sweep through: Put the vacuum cleaner through the lounge and pull the cushions off the sofa to get any dust or crumbs out. This helps plump up the sofa too, making it look like you’ve done a serious clean up when it only takes a couple of minutes. If getting the cleaner out always feels like a bit of a hassle, think about buying a manual floor and carpet sweeper so you can get it out for a five-minute sweep on the days when you don’t have time to wrestle with the electric cables of your main cleaner.


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3 - Do a towel tidy: In the average family household the bathroom quickly becomes a wasteland of deserted used bath towels! Whip round, collecting up all the towels for a wash. It takes very little time to add a fresh towel per person and it will make the bathroom look instantly tidier.

4 - Hang those coats up: Don’t find yourself feeling overwhelmed by mess as soon as you step through the front door. Kids have a tendency to leave anoraks and fleeces etc strewn everywhere and we all have a habit of overloading the hallway coat hooks, so just spend ten minutes going through what you have heaped up on them. Put away spring and summer jackets so it makes it easier to hang up the winter wear, or vice versa when the season changes. It makes the hallway look instantly better.

5 - Pick up the pieces: Stairs are a magnet for unopened junk mail, lounge floors attract forgotten toys and the kitchen table is almost always cluttered with everyone’s paperwork. Clearing away these bits and pieces immediately makes every room look better and gives a better sense of spaciousness. If you don’t have time to sift through the mess and return it all to various rightful shelves and cupboards, assign a basket or box to miscellaneous mess to be filed another day!

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