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Get rid of the worst odors

Tips to rid your home of the most common odors

Bad odors are inevitable but we don't have to be forced to share our home with them. Learn about the most frequent odors and learn how to prevent or get rid of them.

We all love the smell of freshly prepared food but the odor that persists in remaining in our kitchen after the meal is not necessarily the most pleasant. This becomes particularly acute when will grill or fry something.
Always turn on the extractor fan while cooking and leave it running on low while making the meal. If the odor persists, Ambi Pur Air Effects ensures that the last traces of bad odors will be eliminated.

Anyone who has pets at home knows how strong their odors can be even when the owner has mad adjustments. Your guests will notice the strong smell of a dog or cat and even if they do not say anything, they will certainly be uncomfortable. Ambi Pur Air Effects is a quick and effective solution for removing the strong smell of animals.


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Tobacco is one of the most persistent odors. It can penetrate fabrics and even wood, and then stay there for a long time. An effective solution is to spread out cups of vinegar near the affected area and leave them overnight. On the following day you will notice that the smell of tobacco will be part of the past.

Persistent odors in the bathroom are generally associated with clogged pipes. There are several products that help to unclog them, but if the smell persists, you will have to call a specialist anyway. Teaching our kids to sprinkle Ambi Pur Air Effects after using the washroom ensures that it will always be ready for the next user.

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Get rid of the worst odors

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