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Do you belong to the “I don’t know where to start when putting the decorations away for the house and tree, but I must get a move on because Christmas lights at Easter are

Goodbye tree, until next year

After having removed all the Christmas decorations, you must get rid of those which are ruined and clean the others to remove the dry fir-tree needles or wax residue. It is best to store them in a large box, after wrapping them in tissue paper. You should also store a synthetic Christmas tree in the same way. And those with roots? If you have hidden it on the balcony or elsewhere, but don’t have a green thumb, do it a favor and take it to a garden centre. If however the tree is dry and you haven’t found any other solution, arrange with your local refuse collection service to come and collect it. The lights must also be checked and if they don’t work, discard them. Ban laziness and sentimentality.


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A useful inventory of gifts

Here is a good rule to start following when putting gifts away: write down what gifts you have given and what you have received, to whom and from whom. It wouldn’t be Christmas without a couple of gifts that you really didn’t like. But there will always be an opportunity during the year to recycle some gifts to suit someone perfectly for a birthday or celebration. The list that you made will help you to avoid making any embarrassing mistakes! As for the paper from the packages and the ribbons, if you were wise enough to keep some of the beautiful packaging and to store it in a box together with the ribbons, you could always use what you need to wrap last-minute presents without spending a fortune.

And lastly, spit and polish

Once Christmas and all the holidays have been done and dusted, the time comes for a deep clean, perhaps to be repeated over two or three weeks, you won’t manage to get rid of fir-tree needles so easily! Vacuum every corner and also check the interstices of the flooring and the sofa cushions. Floors should be washed thoroughly with a product that cleanses and creates a sheen, since your fir will certainly have lost resin. In the kitchen clean all the tiles, the extractor fan hood and door with a detergent; try a lightly scented one to give you a spring-time breeze. Finally, the tablecloths, have you managed to make them look like new? If you don’t achieve the expected results, rub the remaining streaks with a stain-removal product and rewash in the washing machine.

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