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Easier Ironing

Feel tired just by looking at that pile of washed, wrinkled clothes all waiting to be ironed? Have no fear, we’re on hand with advice on how to get your favourite clothes beautifully wrinkle-free.


Choosing the right equipment

Find the right iron

The first rule of ironing is to buy a good quality make. It should last longer, be more reliable and work out cost - effective. To help remove creases, get one with steam controls.

Use a high ironing board

Whatever your height, choose a tall ironing board to avoid bending over and straining your back. If you share ironing duties it might be wise to buy an adjustable board.

De - scale your iron

If you live in a hard water area then choose an iron with an anti – scale feature to stop limescale damaging it. Limescale from your iron can sometimes mark clothes, so it’s worth paying to prevent it.


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Perfect your technique

Watch the heat

Make sure you use the right setting on your iron so you don’t accidentally ruin your favourite dress or trousers. Use an iron with a protective sole for delicate items.

Iron when damp

Iron clothes when they’re slightly damp for the best and easiest results. If they’re completely dry, you’ll need to moisten the fabric to get any dried-in creases out.

Iron only when necessary

Unless it’s your favourite hobby, ask yourself if an item is really creased enough to need ironing. Many man-made fibres shake out small creases as they’re worn.

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