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Dump the junk! Tips for decluttering your home

Time to declutter the house and get rid of all the old, useless junk stuffed into overflowing cupboards. Follow our tips!

Old clothes and shoes

Expensive brand clothing and shoes can be sold on the internet. Take clear, close-up pictures of each item and its label. Cheaper clothes can be sold by weight to second-hand shops, which is a great way to get rid of bulk clothing easily and quickly. If you’d rather give them away, separate your clothes and shoes into different piles: one for family, one for friends and the rest for charity organisations.
Numerous websites are dedicated to second-hand baby and kids’ clothes, which can be sold in batches.

Outdated jewellery

First of all, if you have any doubt about the value of your jewellery, ask an expert. You do not want to give away silver, platinum or gold pieces. Remember they can be sold as single items or by weight.
If you are artistic, recycle old everyday and costume jewellery by creating new ones from the various bits and pieces. Sell them online in shops that specialise in homemade products, such as

Batteries and small electrical household appliances

Almost every supermarket has a recycling bin dedicated to batteries and household supplies such as toasters, mixers, kettles, steamers, fryers, choppers… So if you don’t manage to sell them online or in second-hand shops, free up some kitchen space by binning them.

Cultural objects

Rare or limited edition CDs, vinyl records, books and DVDs have value and can make good money through fan websites dedicated magazines and second-hand shops. Regular ones won’t be a significant source of money but will make a fantastic donation to hospitals, libraries, schools and associations.


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Mobile phones

Many websites buy old mobile phones to repair and resell. Your actual provider might buy it from you as well, or exchange it for a newer one, with only the difference to pay.

Used linnens

Old sheets, bath towels, curtains and napkins can be re-used as wipes to clean the house or the car. All you need to do is cut them into handy smaller pieces.

Still have things to give away? Invite your friends over for a trading night, or organise a yard sale.

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